A Sunday Full Of Events

bluemoon @bluemoonMay 2019 · 3 min read

The beautiful Sunday day has always been my favorite day. I call it beautiful Sunday because it was beautiful almost always.

Always, before I go for the compulsory walk, I look out the window. I like to be a sunny day.


Saturday and Sunday are the days when I go to have my favorite coffee. I used to go almost every day, but I was afraid of being overwhelming and losing pleasure. I decided to go to this cafe only at the end of the week. So every post about the beautiful Sunday day will always start with coffee.




Today is an important day for my country, Romania and for the European Union. Are the elections for the European Parliament! We'll have to go and vote. Little by little ... Now we are thinking about the beauty of life and the most beautiful part of the city where we live temporarily now, Iasi. So I ran to the botanical garden where I expect to see some special roses.

Indeed, I saw special roses. Not so many, because they are just beginning to bloom ...




The big surprise for us was the iris! Dozens of different species, as we have never seen before. Another flower that deserves a special post, a future blog about the botanical garden. The most beautiful botanical garden in Romania in my opinion. Now a few irises to make you craving!



I spent a few hours in the Garden. This of course stimulated our hunger. We decided to go to a very old restaurant that has great significance and notoriety in Romania.



This restaurant is famous because it was the favorite place of two important Romanian culture people. Mihai Eminescu, considered the national poet, the greatest Romanian poet, one of the last romantic poets and Ion Creanga, the poet's best friend and considered a great narrator. Their friendship is celebrated in Romania's literary history. They both lived in the nineteenth century.


We arrived at the restaurant in the middle of the day and this is an evening restaurant. That's how we were in the pleasant and strange situation of being alone in the restaurant. This situation is the first time for us (my wife and me) ... We chose to eat in the garden of the restaurant called Bolta Rece, I forgot to say. Bolta Rece means in the Romanian language the "cold roof"




The motto of this restaurant is very nice "Time passes ... friends stay!"






After a good meal in a gorgeous and strange atmosphere, being alone in a large restaurant, we went to vote.

Unfortunately, from an inattention, I was able to delete the photos from my phone and cannot show anything about the vote.

Fortunately ... a great joy! The elections were won by those I voted for. Young and competent politicians will go to the European Parliament from Romania!

That made this Sunday sublime! We have hope for the better.


This was for #beautifulsunday supported by @ace108, #sublimesunday proposed by @c0ff33a and the beautiful town of Iasi, Romania.



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Thank you!
I made this post with passion, effort and respect for you. I hope the result proves it.
Since English is not my first language, please forgive any grammatical errors.

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Yes, I heard some news about the Europe election too.


Yes, there were elections in all EU Member States.


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Thank you! I'm very happy when I see a mention from you.


What a beautiful way to start a beautiful Sunday a big mug of cappuccino then getting some good vibes from your colorful spring flowers and then your people winning the election could not have been more perfect...lol :)


There have been plenty of pleasant happenings, but they are not always the same. This is life...


We make the best of our surroundings :)


Yes, we try!


It’s always the perfect start to a Sunday with a nice cup of coffee. And you seem to have found the perfect coffee shop to supply it.

I love the blue flowers with yellow centre, such a delicate shade of blue.

The restaurant is lovely with a very rustic feel - I like the old wagon wheels decorating the walls. And the food looks delicious .

I’m pleased the voting went well and your politician won, hopefully he will reward your vote by doing well in the European Parliament.


Thank you! I really like your comments that highlight the better parts of my post. The coffee I put in every Sunday post and because I know you appreciate it. I hope the politicians will rise to the value we demand by vote ... yet there are no big hopes.