The summer is a few steps away from us ... I know it's not everywhere the same on this earth, I mean the countries where Parallel 45 passes, as it passes through Romania, my country.

Summer comes with vacations, holidays so much expected of us all. This summer, as in the past two years, I will go to Greece on an island. The closest island of the continent, an island in the Aegean Sea, located in northern Greece ... Thassos Island


I remember last vacation and think about the future. I am also thinking of presenting Thassos Island so that anyone who would like to visit it has a guide and the opinion of a visitor in love with this island. I mean me.

Some data about the island. is one of the largest Greek islands with an area of approximately 400 square kilometers. The capital is at Limenas. It is the favorite place for the summer vacation of all the citizens of the surrounding countries. In the off-season it is preferred by tourists coming from central and northern Europe.

To get to the island you need to take the ferry. Ferry ports are in Kavala, Keramoti and Nea Peramos. The price is 20 euros for the private car and 4 euros per person. On the island the ferries reach Limenas and Prinos. I boarded Keramoti and arrived at Limenas. The place where I stayed on this holiday was Limenaria, 24 kilometers from Limenas. Limenaria is a small town in Thassos that can offer everything you need for a sea holiday ...



Accommodation is made in small hotels, often family businesses. Comfort is not the best, this is the tradition on these islands. Tourists do not come for many star and all inclusive resorts, tourists are less demanding for accommodation, they are very excited about the scenery and the sea, simply living in the Greek style. Because of this, the cost of a double room is relatively small, about 25 euros per night. These small hotels do not provide meals, just breakfast sometimes. The rooms have a fridge, air contitioned, TV and the possibility to prepare food. As an example, this is the hotel where we usually stay, we are already friends with the owners.


From here, in the morning we go either to walk through the pine forest ...



... or to the sea and the beach.




These were the main two occupations on the island on vacation ... the walk, the bath in the sea and the beach. I will come back to them later because I remembered another mandatory daily activity and not just on vacation ... food.

The food could be prepared in the hotel room. The cheapest option, all you have to do is buy ingredients and cook them. As I said, there are all the necessary appliances in the hotel room for food preparation.




It's not the happiest way to eat, especially because you're on vacation and you no longer want to work. The second option is to eat fast food, gyros is the best, specific Greek, tasty and inexpensive, about 4 euros.



Tasteful but from time to time you want something else, you want to see how traditional foods are. The next step, for the better, is to eat at a tavern. Tavern is a small restaurant, family business. The whole family is working in a tavern. The food is more expensive, an average of 20-25 euros per person. I've been looking for less expensive taverns and eating in two that attracted me more. Kostis...



... and: Giorgios!




For an experience even closer to Greek life and tradition. Our hosts recommended a totally unconventional tavern, but all the locals were eating there. At first we were shocked that the tables were placed on the sidewalk in front of the house. After I ate there I forgot all the problems and came in all the evenings until I left the island. The prices were slightly lower than the other taverns, but the portions were much larger and the food very tasty, especially the fish. It was so tasty that I started eating as soon as I got it and I forgot to take a picture of it. That's why you see him half eaten.








Always, as a rule of the house, I received the free dessert, a gift.


I have written so far about the three main needs: accommodation, food and bathing in the sea. There is much to say about Thassos, but I do not want this blog to be too long and bored. There will also be a second part with many other interesting information about Thassos Island and the pleasure of spending the holiday there.

In May I wrote 31 blogs about Thassos, in a challenge. Below, after the song, they are all. If you want more about Greece and Thassos you can find there.

A song, I can not without a song! I try to insert in every blog a song, usually old, memories of my youth. Maybe you like it, try listening!

Aphrodite's Child - Spring summer winter and fall

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