Music, Beer, Green Grass And A Lot Of Kids At The Palace

bluemoon @bluemoonJune 2019 · 3 min read

The end of the week comes with two free days. Two days when most of us are trying to relax. Although Sunday is the last day of relaxation and we are already thinking about the work ... it's also the day with the most events.

Such an event also took place in Iasi. The Giraffe Festival, I cannot say why it's so the name, I didn't care to find out ... this festival was more a festival of music, beer drinkers and the joy of the children.

The city where I spend my days now is called Iasi, it's one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, it's called the Historical Capital of Romania and this year is the Youth Capital of Romania. The symbolic building of the city is the Palace of Culture. This festival took place in the Palace Park, a perfect place for this kind of party.



This event has made us abandon other programs and go and see how the city's inhabitants, especially young people, have fun and relax. First I saw the green lawn near the palace, the favorite place for children and parents who gladly participate in the games of the little ones. I liked this place where everything was allowed, there were no interdictions or unpleasant manifestations.

Everything was in the running and movement, of course children, I was taken by surprise, my camera that didn't have the time to set the appropriate exposure time ...



Then I managed to choose the correct exposure time and get better shots.



By late evening, actually until the night came over us this place was full of life and play for children.

I'm still trying to get through the kids and get to the proper part of this festival where the stars are music and beer. Settlement of the place sought to satisfy these requirements, music and beer.





The main action of those present was to visit various stalls where handcrafted beer was sold. The young people preferred the area near the stage where some rock and folk bands played their best songs. It was already quite late and the night was over us. Fortunately, because the coolness of the night has slowed down burning over the day.

I loved most the parents who took care of the smallest participants. Small ... small!

Because most of those present at this festival have been there for many hours, after many beers, hunger has touched many. Nearby, the best-known food-makers on the street have their offer. Even if it is very late in the night and less light there are quite a lot of people who want to eat.








Most young people are mainly music fans and have not left the stage just to get beer. Music and beer are doing well in this situation.




Each with his own eyes. I loved everything but especially the Palace of Culture lighted in the night. This palace is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe.





We were sorry because we had to retreat home before the show ended. It was a beautiful and sublime evening!




It has become a habit to share with you how I spend Sunday. It was not my idea, I answer the challenge launched by @ace108 and @c0ff33a!

This was for #beautifulsunday and #sublimesunday in the beautiful town of Iasi, Romania, 16/June/2019.



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Thank you!
I made this post with passion, effort and respect for you. I hope the result proves it.
Since English is not my first language, please forgive any grammatical errors.

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What a wonderful Festival! I can't see a better way of spending my Sunday then to attend some place that has great music, beer and children. Not in any particular order except that the music must go first!

I am so happy to see your move, or more your stay in your beautiful city. The historical capital is absolutely a wonderful place to be, especially surrounded by all that energy put out by having universities there.

There is so much going on there in the Heart of the City and they have some of the most beautiful events and some of the brightest shows and concerts. I love that they had exhibits and sporting events, enough all of your family and friends to join in. You did a wonderful job of chronicling the entire event and I hope that you had a most awesome time!



Thank you, @dswigle, Denise! As always, your comment is not just a pleasure, it's a very careful review. I'm so glad you liked the place in town. I like it too. Looks like l will spend more time in this city.


Dear @bluemoon,

This is the first time that I have heard of giraffe festival. I love all your pictures- it almost made me feel like I am really there.....


And I've heard it about for the first time. Thank you!


Thanks for taking me on a wonderful tour from the comfort of my couch! 😎


With lots of pleasure. I'm very happy if I did that.


beautiful and pleasant vacation, complete with musical entertainment @bluemoon


A family fun day, how wonderful! Festivals are quite fun and make the most memorable moments. Thank you for sharing your sunday with us :)


It was my pleasure and I'm glad that you liked this Sunday!


This is what I call an event. Music and booze goes too well together. Then once the adrenaline dies down time to head out to get some food. Looks like there are so many options for food here.


Yes,you have right, it was an event. Thank you!

jayna @jaynaJune 2019

Excellent collection of photos, @bluemoon! Handcrafted anything is great, but especially handcrafted beer!


Thank you! I agree with you about beer, it's really special.


kids, music, chicks, beer and the life is fulfilled. 🤪


Yes, you can say so.


Wow! Looks lovely lit up at night 😍


Thank you! That's how it was and I'm glad I was able to show this.


Well this looks like a fun filled long necked festival - fun in the park and on the balconies leading to a musical treat in the evening.

Everyone looks to be having a great time, and you always seem to have the most active of Sunday’s!


Thank you! That is, I'm more active than I want in Sundays ... because my wife...