Whenever I visit a new place for me, I want to see the market first. That's because the market is the liveliest place in a locality, people are in a constant move and everyone has his needs.

Where am I now? In Iasi, Romania. The few close colleagues who have read my posts know this well but I think that if there will be new readers, for they have to point location.

I'm a visitor to this city and I don't know it very well and that's why any shopping go-ahead means discovering new locations. I'll show some pictures of these locations and not the actual shopping. In fact, my desire is to show as much as possible from this city and the places that have impressed me.

In Iasi you cannot miss the Palace of Culture. It's the most representative building and can be called the emblem of the city. Because I wrote many dozens of blogs about Iasi, I used many pictures of the Palace. Like the one today, made from inside the mall just next to the Palace.


Iasi is a tourist town. Especially in the summer, tens of thousands of tourists visit the city. What happens when there are many tourists? Everything is trying to get as much money out of them. Strolling, stalls invade the city center where most tourists go every day.

What tourists are most tempted to buy? Of course, memories and objects characteristic of the places they visit. In this case, traditional Romanian objects and clothes. This is the market today, this is #MarketFriday.


Most of them are traditional clothes, a famous shirt called "ie", the most famous fashion item in Romanian folklore. This is a women's blouse with many colors and patterns.




Of course there are traditional clothes for men ...




Shoes worn by Romanian peasants ...


Although it is not a traditional Romanian herb, lavender has begun to be used in our country. I really like how it smell.




Some "Chinese" on any stall ... not missing traditional products made in China. China is everywhere!


People buy almost anything ... to the joy of the sellers. Small houses made of clay.


That was. My tourists have finished touring the stalls ... fortunately without too much damage to my wallet!


As work and walk as objects seen ... it is hard and we were made hungry. We found a small bistro for a snack. Unfortunately, I almost always forget to take the picture before I start eating. Probably because the hunger was so great, I could eat a horse but I was pleased with a pie. The traditional Romanian pie called "poale in brau"




This is for #MarketFriday, a challenge proposed by @dswigle.


Thank you!
I made this post with passion, effort and respect for you. I hope the result proves it.
Since English is not my first language, please forgive any grammatical errors.


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