Sunday As Usual...Or Not?!

bluemoon @bluemoonJune 2019 · 3 min read

It has become a habit to share with you how I spend Sunday. It was not my idea, I answer the challenge launched by @ace108 and @c0ff33a! They believe that we share the habits and incidents of our lives, as it is.

In title I declare a Sunday as usual. That's right, in the last few months for me Sunday is about the same typical. I am a guest in a city that is not my home town. So I am in a kind of extended vacation, especially at the end of the week.

The city where I spend my days now is called Iasi, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, it is called the historical capital of Romania, this year is the youth city of Romania and it is the city with the most churches, more than one hundred!


When I say it was as usual, it means that the morning was a threat of rain but fortunately passed fast, as it is in the summer.




From happiness, the rain lasted only an hour, and so I was able to move to the number two routine, a good coffee. Here I was a little traitor and I changed the place to drink coffee. It was not as good as usual but I was on a terrace on the main pedestrian artery.


With the coffee that gave the energy so much needed I again followed the same program every Sunday, namely visiting the wonderful Botanical Garden in Iasi. The biggest and most beautiful in Romania (some don't agree and say that Cluj is more beautiful, I have not seen it so I cannot contradict them). However, you can say if you think that that Botanic Garden is a beautiful one.




A lot of beautiful flowers, I almost don't know what to post right now.





In front of the botanical garden is a park especially preferred by the inhabitants of Iasi. A perfect playground for children and there is always something to eat.





Exceeding the excess of food that we see everywhere, we rushed to return to downtown. The reason is colossal!

This Sunday happens most important visit of the existence of this city from the modern age.

Pope Franscisc's visit!

It seems unbelievable, but the Head of the Catholic Church will be in the city of Iasi, Romania.

In order to be close to the Pope I would have had to register early and spend countless hours in well-defined areas for security reasons. I don't like that so I was away from the ceremony, I watched like many others what happen on screens in different places in the city.

I can show you what happened on the streets, about 500 meters away from where the Pope was.








I watched the whole procession on a huge screen and I hoped the pope would get closer to us so I could see him. Once in a lifetime, this happens. Now comes the sublime side of the day, @c0ff33a knows what that means.

For a few seconds I was very close ...

It was a beautiful day and not so ordinary. Late at night I got home.


This was for #beautifulsunday and #sublimesunday in the beautiful town of Iasi, Romania, 2/June/2019.



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Thank you!
I made this post with passion, effort and respect for you. I hope the result proves it.
Since English is not my first language, please forgive any grammatical errors.

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Wooaauu a busy Sunday... Thanks for share, was really close the Pope passing by...
Have a good week to come


Thank you!


good pictures of your Sunday. I love the last


Thank you! Especially I put it last...


I have been seeing similar dark clouds recently.
Even now and it seems sure enough it will rain.
I hope I have the chance to spend more leisurely days like your Sundays,


It looks like this year is rains and storms ...
I did not think I would have such pleasant Sundays ... you never know when they come into our lives.


The pope visited Bulgaria too. But I was not following his program.


Yes I know. I understand that people were not interested in the Pope's visit to Bulgaria.


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Thank you very much!


I can see why you would spend your Sundays in the park
I loved the Tree Tunnel and the flowers of course, they are beautiful
Very good reason to head back downtown
Thank you for sharing your Sunday with us 😊


Thank you so much for having time to read.
It was a beautiful day spent in a beautiful place.


Wow! Those clouds are fantastic! :)


Thank you! They were scary.


Now you see you changed the coffee ship and it wasn’t so good - plus you had to sit out in the wet!

You got some wonderful photos of the flowers in the park, but what machine did that man have in the back of his car?

And you got to see the Pope - how amazing and you were quite close. We had Trump visiting London, I have no idea if anyone went to see him - I didn’t.


If you start with the end ... I don't would have gone to see Trump.
The Pope was impressive, he was well received even though Romania is an Orthodox country.
The man in the park make Turkish coffee to the kettle in hot sand. I didn't drink yet but I think next Sunday I will try. Probably I will take more pictures ... I hope to come.