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bluemoon @bluemoon
· September 2019 · 4 min read · Romania · #photography

Beautiful sunny days. Autumn is now our host but fortunately, summer has not left us at all. A beautiful and warm Sunday as a summer day does not let us stay at home. The easy and pleasant way to celebrate these last days of summer hidden among autumn days is to walk.

This beautiful Sunday is happening in the city of Iasi in Romania. Iasi is famous in Romania for its churches and monasteries, there are over one hundred churches. However, the city's symbol is the Palace of Culture, a famous palace in Europe. It is now a museum and is highly appreciated by tourists who visit these places.

All walks start and end at the palace or in his wonderful garden. I can't do otherwise.


The most pleasant walk is always when you start in the morning. The park is deserted and can be admired quietly.




The carousel is empty. The children have not yet awakened, in a few hours here will be a lot of movement. Now I benefit from the quiet of the morning.


This assembly is built on two levels, the garden is below. We go up the stairs to reach the main plateau, towards the city center.


At the top we have another view and a surprise, a fair. We need to get closer to see what it's all about.



A wine fair

The Republic of Moldova is neighbor to Romania in that part. The Republic of Moldova was a Romanian region in the past, then it was a province within the USSR and now it is a small country in Europe. The Republic of Moldova is famous for its wines. Now the wines are here, in this little fair where they can be tasted and bought.




Wines and cognacs, all kinds.




You don't have to stay long at this fair because there is a risk that you will not be able to leave from there, the wines were far too good. Having tasted too much nor do you know your feet don't listen anymore.

The day was very beautiful and many things to see and do. I remembered my favorite street in Iasi, called Alexandru Lapusneanu. Fortunately, the city is small, the distances are small and so you get to the important places quickly. In a few minutes I got to where I wanted to be.

Alexandru Lapusneanu Street

It is a holiday here, the feast of Alexandru Lapusneanu Street. Very curious to see how it is. First of all, different stalls. With everything for everyone. Kids are the best buyers!



Ceramics. Never miss these little fairs and holidays. Ceramics are highly appreciated both for their beauty and their usefulness.





Popular art. Like ceramics, it is highly admired and sought after.




To bring life and color, movement and surprise, the organizers of this holiday also brought popular artists, singers, and dancers. Music and dances in the villages of our country.



Obviously not everyone tastes such a show and then it must be an alternative, especially for the younger ones.



Antiques and small objects only good for gifts. Prices are low and worth buying. I bought a few small copper vessels, my wife loves such objects.





The painters also find something to do, both mature and younger painters.



It was a pleasant and tiring ride. You need a little rest, the most pleasant way to rest is to listen to a little music. Many street singers sing for every taste.


Everything ends, even what is very beautiful. We must leave Lapusneanu street, a street without cars and full of surprises ... cafes, beers, and confectioners. Antique. Goodbye!

Small things and happenings that beautify our lives and days. Our friends, @ace108 and @c0ff33a will understand why and how, because they launched #beautifulsunday and #sublimesunday! A wonderful way to share our beautiful moments.

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Thank you!
I made this post with passion, effort, and respect for you. I hope the result proves it.
Since English is not my first language, please forgive any grammatical errors.


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What a pleasant day out enjoying graceful grand palace, exquisite gardens and going into the market with so much to see and find @bluemoon a wonderful share in cultural and artistic.

bluemoon @bluemoonSeptember 2019

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks for writing this comment through!
You have received a 9% upvote from us. We hope to see you soon on!

Enjar @enjarSeptember 2019

That looks like an epic place to wonder around when no one is around! Love the wheelbarrow of booze that how I want spend my Sundays!

bluemoon @bluemoonSeptember 2019

Ha ha, I also want to spend my Sundays like that. Thanks!

What a great way to spend Sunday. Those gardens are beautiful and I, too, would have enjoyed browsing around that market: wine, ceramics, dancing and old stuff with stories to tell. What more could one want?

I am just having a thought: this would also make a great entry to @dswigle's #marketfriday. Go and check out her blog and see.


bluemoon @bluemoonSeptember 2019

Thank you because you read and that you are attracted to the same things.
That's right, it matches #marketfriday. Thanks for proposing this to me.
I'm glad you like Denise's challenge, it's my favorite too ... I've been attending this regularly for about two years. Unfortunately this week I didn't have time to write.

Oh, you sound like me! I always hope to get to Market Friday and the week runs away from me!

bluemoon @bluemoonSeptember 2019

Yes! I think you should post to #marketfriday, I am sure you will make a remarkable post.

jayna @jaynaSeptember 2019

What a beautiful fair. It looks like a village. I hope you had a wonderful time.

bluemoon @bluemoonSeptember 2019

Yes, it was very pleasant, I forgot about the problems that concern me now.

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday! Did you take home any bottles of wine?

bluemoon @bluemoonSeptember 2019

Yes, of course! I have a favorite wine called Feteasca Neagra. A red wine. Thanks!

I have not heard of that. Is it dry?

bluemoon @bluemoonOctober 2019

Demi-sec. It is a local wine, Romanian, you cannot know about it.

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bluemoon @bluemoonSeptember 2019

Thank you! I am flattered by your attention.

Of course :)

What a stunning and fabulous post.
It shows pride, loyalty and love and that palace is beautiful.
A great post here my friend!

bluemoon @bluemoonSeptember 2019

Thank you! Well, I'm not happy with the result and the fact that I don't have time to write a much better, elaborated blog. Your appreciation is an encouragement and thank you again.

I certainly think that it is good enough my friend.
No need to write a long post if you can say it powerfully with pictures and words.

bluemoon @bluemoonOctober 2019

Thanks! It is an opinion that I will take into account, I really like it.

Wonderful post with so much great photography! Thank you for sharing!

bluemoon @bluemoonOctober 2019

Thank you! I really appreciate your opinion.

Looks like a great day out and I know @gabrielatravels is from Romania too so wonder if she has been here as she writes travel posts 😀

Thanks for sharing your trip here with us.

Btw, would highly recommend you use from the @travelfeed team because they are working towards their own platform that is optimised for travel posts (has in built map and easy to use) 😀

bluemoon @bluemoonOctober 2019

Gabriela is a traveler and presents the places she sees. I'm not, I'm more static and I like to post about the same place trying every time to find new aspects. I think she visited Iasi, it's one of the first five important cities in Romania.
I posted on and I will do it again when I have enough time to write a much more elaborate post. Thanks a lot!

@nickyhavey I've been in Iasi just one time visiting a friend. Unfortunately didn't have enough time to explore the surroundings but I will definitely add this part of my county on "explored places". :D

Amazing place to soak up the energy!
Peace, Love and Gratitude!

haikubot @haikubotOctober 2019

Amazing place to
Soak up the energy! Peace,
Love and Gratitude!

                 - spellmaker

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

bluemoon @bluemoonOctober 2019

Thank you! I didn't think about it but I think you're right.