The Oldest Restaurant In Town

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We have moved in this city for a short time. The third largest in Romania, is called Iasi and is located in the northeastern part of the country. It's not only the third largest but I consider it in the first three as beauty. We always walk around the old neighborhoods to admire the particularly beautiful streets, houses and gardens that preserve the memory of hundreds of years past them.

On such a street that is away by the city's tumult, I discovered the oldest restaurant in Iasi, since 1786!

Bolta Rece

Bolta Rece can be translated into the Cold Shade ... I will now show you where the restaurant is located.



IMG_20190622_155550 (1).jpg


It is a famous restaurant in town and not
only. Being so old many Romanian personalities have used to spend a lot of time here. But let's get in ...




A whole gallery of important people of the 1800s - 1900s who were often here was on the walls of the central room. Political people, but especially cultured people, the greatest Romanian writers and poets!




These great writers had a bohemian life and most of the time spent in this place. They even had a small room to sleep and they used to spend it in the restaurant for a whole week, along with different friends and their students.

For this reason Bolta Rece is known, appeared in many novels written by the writers who were here. I really learned at school about it at literary classes. The fact that I managed to reach this place full of history of Roman literature made me great pleasure.

With the passage of time the glory has come to an end, but the charm of the place has remained. We arrived at the restaurant in the afternoon and there were not too many customers. They tend to come in the evening in the hot summer days.

We also chose to go to the inner yard of the restaurant on a terrace. This is the favorite place to eat in the summer. So I got out of the big hall and went to the garden ...




My pleasure to be in a restaurant almost empty. It's great for conversation, without the joy of those around you and at the same time you have all the attention of the waiter.


First of all I admired the place, the kind of decoration that preserves the memory of the last century and the resemblance of this restaurant with an inn.




We have now reached the main purpose here - of eating, drinking and feeling good! I got the menu and I chose the drink, I preferred beer because it's very hot. Food is a food less elaborate, is a traditional dish eats at home by people in these places.



I started with a chicken soup and noodles made in the house. Very good, I remembered the soup made by my mother.


Main meals were: tochitura moldoveneasca; mici; purjoale and frying potatoes, pickled cucumbers and hot peppers. I prefer to let the images better describe what these specific foods are.

tochitura moldoveneasca






Plus these and lots of beers!




The menu is very rich, many appetizing dishes and collectible wines, but who else could eat? It remains for the next time. We looked around a little and then say goodbye...




At the exit of the restaurant I saw the bust of another famous guest, Pastorel Teodoreanu, a humorous writer and a great epigramist.



Goodbye, Bolta Rece, we are now breaking the atmosphere of the past and returning to the modern city today. We will return with pleasure for an evening spent in silence and pleasure.


If life and happenings going to get you in Romania, in Iasi, I highly recommend this place, Bolta Rece!


Restaurant Information

Bolta Rece


Strada Rece 10, Iași 700115, Romania

The Oldest Restaurant In Town
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Wow! Everything looks great. No wonder they are the oldest in town, they have an impressive food presentation and I believe it's great tasting too!!! 😍 The place is cosy and neat as well.

Thank you! I'm glad you like it.

What a great place!

Chicken Soup looks classic but great for the taste.

Thanks for sharing your review on Tasteem.


It was my pleasure!

Hmm...seems like a nice place! And for some reason it seems to give a lot of Chinese restaurant vibes...I know little to zero about history stuff, otherwise I would be guessing why!


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I must thank you for the opportunity to present this restaurant.

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Thank you! Always a pleasure to read this comment.

Thank you for participating!

With pleasure!

Bolta rece looks a bit dutch to me. I love the factyou used alot of pictures and took is with you oh and the pickles and beer were favorite !

Thank you! Interestingly, it seems Dutch, I enjoy this likeness.

It looks similar indeed funny that through blogs you see the similarities

I have learned that they are similar and I am glad.

A very nice review @bluemoon! The place looks so cosy and the food looks delicious too!

Thank you! The food is so good so you want to come back here.

That's good! You can try other things next round!