One of the most beautiful trips can be the trip to the city where you live. If you live in a city large enough then there are chances that many parts remain unknown even to you. I have always considered it our duty to visit our city and to show others the areas that we consider special and of interest.

To talk now about my city, Bucharest, which is the capital of Romania. A country in Eastern Europe, with access to the Black Sea and some Balkan influences. A country where the largest river in Europe, the Danube, flows into the Black Sea.

Bucharest is the largest city in Romania, with over three million inhabitants. It is located in the south of the country, 200km from the Black Sea, 100km from the Carpathian Mountains and 60km from the Danube. A good position, indeed. The city is located on the plain and here I am a little dissatisfied, I like the cities that sit on the hill, with sloping streets.

In the end, we have to get used to it and be content with what we have. I consider that I have a lot of beauty and diversity in my city.

The city is over six hundred years old, legend has it that it was founded by a shepherd, then developed and influenced by the Turks and Greeks. At the beginning of the modern era, in the nineteenth century, the model after which it developed was the French one, the main model being Paris. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Bucharest was also called Little Paris!

The city center and especially Victoria Road are full of buildings that were built then. Many buildings are children or very similar to the buildings in Paris. As is the CEC Palace. A former and current bank headquarters.

Calea Victoriei is one of the most beautiful boulevards in the city, in my opinion it is the most beautiful. When you walk on this boulevard you feel that you lived hundreds of years ago. It is a boulevard with terraces, cafes, hotels and the most important museums.

In recent years, the city is increasingly sought after by tourists. At first I did not understand why, I lived for a long time that such a city in a former communist country does not have much to show foreign guests. Fortunately, I was wrong. On Calea Victoriei, which is a boulevard full of old, historic buildings, some remarkable modern buildings have been built in recent years. We were lucky with very good architects who harmonized these buildings very well. A glass tower was built near the CEC Palace, the headquarters of another bank. I really like what the place looks like and I warmly recommend it to everyone who visits the city.

The second place I recommend is in the Old Center. Almost all cities have an old center, a place where the old streets and buildings remained. This place in Bucharest has been a commercial place since ancient times. Here were inns, pubs and many shops. During the long communist period, this part of the city, although central, was not properly cared for and many buildings collapsed. In the last ten years, however, a reconstruction and development project has been started. Dozens of restaurants and terraces have appeared on the narrow streets ...

Now the terraces and restaurants are more empty because of covid-19. The travel ban and social distance destroyed much of the small business. The police are closely following the protection norms imposed by the country's government.

However, gradually, this whole little neighborhood famous for spending free time and especially free nights, comes back to life. The restaurants display their offer in the hope that as many customers as possible will sit down at their tables again.

Last year these streets were full of people, young people, tourists. The place was full of life, music, fun. Especially on weekends, the streets were occupied by young people. Young people from England, Holland, Germany or Israel. Because in Romania the prices are still low, very low compared to those in the countries mentioned above. With the end of this pandemic these streets, the Old Center will return to shine another time. It is a place that must be visited, especially by young people.

The third place I recommend is quite strange in the middle of a city. A monastery! Over three hundred years old. A monastery where nuns live and where religious service is performed. Stavropoleos Monastery!

This place is an oasis of peace in the middle of a very crowded, noisy and polluted city. Polluted due to traffic. In the small courtyard of the monastery people pray and are silent.

A place where young people are not necessarily attracted but mature people will surely be attracted by the beauty and peace of this place. I go quite often and I don't get bored here, on the contrary.

In a city as big as Bucharest, there are dozens of places that can be recommended. Which can be visited. They just need to be known.

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