What To Do On A Summer Evening?

bluemoon @bluemoonJuly 2019 · 4 min read

Often everybody is asking this question. Answers are many, consistent with the passions and wishes of each person. The answer is different, caused by differences between people. The younger people prefer more intensive actions.

Mature people prefer more quiet action and I want to talk about this now.

A night in a city not too small but not too big to swallow you. A city crowded with young people and many tourists attracted by several landmarks. Not much but quite grouped to be easy to go and visit. It's about Iasi, Romania.

For many, an evening spent at the theater or opera can be considered a pleasant evening. In a not too big city any artistic event does not get caught up with the many offers, because they are not. An opera show is always an event ...

Especially the closing show of the season

Thus, attending a show of the opera can be a pleasant beginning of a night in the city. The beginning of the show happens when the darkness still has not covered the city.


The pleasure of watching the show is also enhanced by the beauty of the building and the hall. This building was designed by the famous Viennese architects Fellner and Helmer, who designed similar constructions in Vienna, Prague, Odessa, Zurich and was built in 1896. In 2015 this building was chosen the second most beautiful in the world theater and opera house in the BBC's top. In search of the most beautiful theaters, the BBC fell in love with the beautiful building in Iasi and included it in a top achieved on the occasion of the "World Theater Day".

Source-Click Here

Waiting for the show...and the end. Among them were many great moments, famous arias and moments of ballet!



Spectators delighted by the show who have long applauded. It was a start of the evening more than pleasant.

Of course, after the show there are many things that can be done, from walking straight to home, from taking a walk to choosing to go to a restaurant ...



Outside has already darkened and the temperature of the day has faded. The most pleasant thing to do is a walk through the city.


The lights of the city are blurred, I think especially to highlight the beautiful buildings. Such as the Palace of Culture, the most beautiful building in the city (especially at night)!


The light at the end of the boulevard (Stefan cel Mare) attracts us as the butterflies are attracted by a lamp at night! That's it, it's the Palace of Culture!



As I said, in my opinion, this building is more spectacular and more beautiful at night than the day. It was, in fact, chosen as one of the most beautiful in Europe as an image in the night. You can compare ...



There is not much light around but it raises the atmosphere of mystery ... near the palace is built a very nice mall, preferred by the youngest. Very late in the night the place is more deserted.



Nearby there is an old church. Iasi is located in the Moldavian region of Romania. The most important leader of Moldova who ruled the country between 1457-1504 was accustomed to building churches. That was his passion, then to be a warrior and a lover of women. This church was built at that time.



This was a show of a night - night that can be spent in Iasi, Romania! Iasi is a city located 400 km north of Bucharest, the capital of the country, in my opinion one of the first three as a beauty in Romania and it is worth visiting.



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Thank you!
I made this post with passion, effort and respect for you. I hope the result proves it.
Since English is not my first language, please forgive any grammatical errors.

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You captured some great night shots. Lasi sounds like a fabulous place, @bluemoon.


Thank you very much! Iasi is the name, not fabulous but a nice place to live.


I love going to the theater. I especially like opera. When I was younger I used to dislike it but recently I found my passion there.

That building is beautiful and the interior makes me think of theaters that I have visited. I assume they are all kind of similar :)

The city doesn't look small to me. I would say it's rather big if it has such a beautiful palace :)

Thank you for sharing and I wish you many pleasant summer evenings :)


Thanks a lot! Just like you, I never loved opera when I was young. More movie and theater. You're right, it's not a small town. I say it is small when comparing it to the city where I live which is almost eight times bigger (but not more beautiful). Your comment made me great pleasure!


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Thank you! I'm really encouraged by your attention.