This is my entry for the @tattoodjay's Wednesday walk challenge.

Last weekend, my relatives and I went for a walk to the pines forest. And I want to share some pictures from this place in #wednesdaywalk.


In a small distance from my city there is a pine forest with a ski base. I have not studied the history of this object. But from the observations I can say that next to the “base” itself, which includes several outbuildings, where they are now selling kebabs and renting tubing, there is a large pine (mostly) forest for a large hill. And along this forest streets are laid. The streets have many small natural descents and ascents. These streets are a complex route scheme, the length of which is 3, 5 and 10 km.

In winter, skiers go cross-country skiing on these streets, and other people just walk.

We come here on the weekend with the children for a walk. We set children on tubing, snow scooters and go into the forest. As a rule, we pass here a large route of 10 km, and also stop in several places to ride with children from long high slides on snowmobiles. On tubing it is quite risky.

The place is quite beautiful, so I always wanted to take pictures of it. Somehow I took a camera with me to the forest, but I didn’t really use it because of the need to carry tubing and snow scooters with children.

And now I began to shoot it on a smartphone. And there is an opportunity to share the beauty and again I train the skills of shooting, building a composition. Suppose that the output will not work masterpieces, but I get the experience. And the camera on the smartphone is not so bad.

It was a prehistory, and then I want to show you the photos. Unfortunately, I am not very lucky with light. This year we got into the forest only in cloudy gray weather.

At the entrance on the main street. There is even lighting. I think it is very beautiful here in the evening by the light of lanterns.


This is my brother in misfortune drags a snow scooter with a child uphill.


The forest around is mostly pine. Pines are thin and tall.


If you look up at the pines, you can see the snow caps on their branches.


And also, if there are no noisy people nearby, you can listen to how the pines creak, swaying in the wind. Very interesting feeling.

Climbing up fresh loose snow is hard ... The first time I went up with the phone in my hands. The second time I was dragging my daughter on a snow scooter after we rolled down a hill.


Behind us, the skier puffs and climbs uphill.


Skiers leave funny traces of the Christmas tree in the snow.


In one place the trees recede from the road. And on a hill there are two pines lonely. They caught my eye and I decided to dedicate a separate shot to them.


And here a path goes away from the road. Where it leads, I do not know. In general, there are many such paths.


Here the road goes to the left, and right along the course a large ravine. I climbed the hill to make a photo.



Then the trail again passes very beautifully between tall, creaking pines. By the way here, near the ravine, they stagger harder and creak louder.


In one place, to the left of the road, the smaller trail leaves.


And there are signs nearby. Over time, we walked along all the lanes and learned that you can navigate and choose a route using signs. Although at first they were not aware of what these signs are for and where they lead.


Somewhere around this turn on the five-kilometer route you can go back to the ski base, which we did.


I did not take pictures anymore. Because taking advantage of the relief, I sat down with my son on a snow scooter and rushed down the slopes all the way to the ski resort.

I stopped for a photo in only one place to take another photo of the forest.


Returning to the cars, we gladly drank warm tea with cookies and went home happy.

On this I finish my story today. I have more photos from a couple of trips to this forest. I will show them later in separate posts.

Huawei P20 Pro

I strongly recommend to open the photo in a separate tab to appreciate it.

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