This is my entry for the @tattoodjay's Wednesday walk challenge.

This is my next story about the weekend walks in the spring.

This walk took place on April 13th. My family and I decided to have a walk in the city park.


The weather was changeable. But nothing hindered our walk. The sun periodically hid behind the clouds, but it was mostly sunny and not cold.


I noticed that the first leaves that had not yet blossomed appeared on the trees.


My son was riding a hoverboard, and my daughter was riding a bicycle. Therefore, we decided to walk along the bike path. Forgive us cyclists and scooters, which we sometimes interfered with a bit.

There were still no leaves at all On the birches growing along the bike path.


The pond was still covered in ice. And I liked the combination of a street lamp and a bench by the pond.


The bike path in the park is quite long. It runs along the entire perimeter of the park and additionally crosses it in the middle.


My son moves along this track very easily, not a hoverboard. I am surprised at how quickly my son mastered driving on a hoverboard.


I noticed a very funny thing on the birch growing at the bike path. Two birch buds (earrings) have grown together in the form of a little man.


At the central entrance to the park the bike path is interrupted. In order to get back on the bike path, you must go past the gates of the park.


There the bike path passes by the playground, where there are always a lot of children. My kids love to play here too.


But this time we pass by.


On the way, I noticed a big tree with spreading branches. It is not visible on the photo, but this tree has rather large red buds. I wonder what kind of tree it is...


Having passed the whole circle around the perimeter of the park, we decide to walk along the footpath.


I can not help but pay special attention to the beautiful lanterns and benches on this alley.


Still, despite the warm weather, nature has not had time to recover from the winter. Take a look. This view is clearly not talking about a warm spring.


So we have already passed along the bike path and along the footpath. Next is the treadmill, which will lead us to the park exit and our car.


It's getting dark. The weather is already deteriorating and we are in a hurry to get back to the car. Children in their wheeled vehicles in a hurry.


We managed to get to the car safely before the cold wind began to blow and it was cold in the street.

And here I conclude today's photo story about the walk. I hope you were not bored.

See you next Wednesday!

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