Slept not well, because near my wild camping spot (close to somebody's field) there was a railway, fenced with the wall, and some people were doing something there (may be working) and talked loudly about something. Already at 6 AM I woke up and packed my tent, quickly ate breakfast and left.

The road was flat all the time, pedals easily turned.

First town for today - San Giorgio di Nogaro.

After, I passed Latisana.

In every town, well, almost everyone through which it passed, there was something to look at. Italy - land of beautiful architecture :).

It is still unbelievable that I am in the country of maximum influence on the architectural receptors of the human brain. Well, that's right all the way around. Soon, maybe I'll get used to it. Or not, I will continue to wonder.

Spent some time exploring Portogruaro. Market-city, city with canals, city without tourists... I like such kind of places.

Bought the piece of tasty cheese for 5-50/kg.

This tower is falling, like the one in Pisa.

Amsterdam-style photo.

They sell everyting, even secondhand clothes, like in Kyiv :).

Just passed small town of Roncade and accidentally saw there is a palace-castle.

In Italy you can find sightseeings on any square kilometer, probably.

It seems very close, when you look on the map. But when you start to cycle, kilometers become endless)

In the evening reached the small village 25 km from Venice. Adriano, with whom i connected on Warmshowers, does not speak English. But it's not a problem. He built a place to stay for travellers in a former caravan car, nice place.

Tomorrow I'll try to explore, and survive in overcrowded Venice. My first time here...

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