In the morning I continued to cycle. Farewell to my host in Trieste, Viktor. Now i'm going to Venice. Found the place to stay close to that city (dealed with Warmshowers user). But Venice it's 2-day cycling. So, probably will camp somewhere today. That was my thought...

After Trieste, few kms, I saw Miramare castle. The entrance inside is paid, but the territoty around - there is a nice park - free for visiting.

On my way I found some free fruits. Instead of plums (in Hungary it was my food) in Italy you can find free figas and persimmons. Tasty, even if growing wild.

On the junction I decided to change my route and turned to Grado. It's a detour, but I thought this small town must be worth visiting.

Grado is a cozy little town on a peninsula connected to the mainland by a thin isthmus and another dam. Small compact historic center, a couple of canals, lots of tourists.

Hadn't enough time - decided to get to Aquileia also. Cycled through the dam. From afar you can see the Alps, beyond the islands. I do not regret that I came here.

And then was the Roman Aquileia.

When I cycled in, in the evening, all the museums were closed, but it still felt as if I had got to a timeless place where the ages were intertwined. Here are Roman columns dug by archaeologists, here is a medieval basilica, where I had time only to look inside until they closed the door, and here is a female worker of the nowadays museum, on a bicycle passing by and begins to say something to me. Well, I know that everything is already closed, the light goes out, the end of all eras except the postmodern one.

Wildcamped near the field on somebody's farm. Sorry, italian agricultural landlords, tomorrow early in the morning I'll go away.