Magnificient BIKE UNFRIENDLY Venice - day 23 of cycling Ukraine-Portugal

boga4 @boga4
· January 2020 · 2 min read · Italy · #cyclefeed

In the morning I went to Venice! Magnificient Venice, the city I heared a lot information about, but never had been here before. Only 27 km left.

The road passed few villages, towns and industrial suburb Mestre.

The weather had turned bad, but the rain started only when I reached Roman Square (Piazzale Roma). It is a Venice train station, and the last place in this city, accessible by bicycle.

Suprisingly, Venice is bike-unfriendly - cycling is prohibited. Well, it's easy to understand why - there is not enough space even for pedestrians in city center. But there are many water means of transport - vaporetto trams, private boats and gondolas for tourists.

There is bike parking near the train station, not guarded, though with a CCTV camera on the ceiling. Clasped my bike with two ropes and went for a walk.

It started to rain. I was trying to wait, hiding in the arch, until it stops, but then realized its impossible - all day long this shitty weather.

Wearing poncho raincoat, explored a lot of places. Basilika San Marco, of course. The entrance is admission free! (except the second floor). Then I walked to the Naval Academy, after that I got lost in streets and buildings names - so a lot of visual information).

Shitty weather, its raining all day long.

From this moment, no pictures - its impossible to use your phone camera under the rain.

Cycling back to Adriano's house (my Warmshowers host) was slow because of headwind. And my front wheel surprisingly deformated like "8". Need to repair it now (of course, i cannot do it by myself).

Adriano invited me for a dinner - he cooked risotto, served also spinacco, different cheeses and Modena wine.


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