The bora wind dried all my clothes that I left on the balcony (it was wet after huge yesterday's rain). So when I woke up, I had it all dry, ready for another day of cycling.

But I decided to spend this day in Trieste. I'm first time here. And I met old friend, Viktor - Ukrainian engineer, working on Sincrotrone reserch facility (by the way, he hosted me).

Decided to leave my bike at the flat. Walking is better, when you have rest day.

So, I walked many kilometers in Trieste city centre and around. City is really amazing, roman and medieval architecture, sea, and wild almost untouched nature around (not typical for Italy).

For half an hour you can get by city bus to the mountain plateau (Karst) (this Karst looks like Karabi in Ukrainian Crimea). A lot of bike and walking trails there.

City is not owercrowded by tourists, and not a lot of traffic on the roads. There are many motorbikes, and only few bicycles - probably hilly Trieste is better by walking. City buses cost 1.3 euro (in comparison, Kyiv public transport costs around 0.25 for a single ride), but if you pay for a month, it's around 35 - not expensive price.

In the evening I visited Sincrotrone, where Viktor works. It's open for visitors.

Synchrotron (it - Sincrotrone) - science research institute with a 2 km particle accelerator.

Monument to Trieste citizens murdered by Yugoslavian partisanes during WW2. Dark page of history of the anti-fascist resistance... Those guys took the city and killed a lot of civilians.

Roman aqueduct

Cool museum- History of arts, with free entrance. A lot of roman artefacts.