Exploring the beauty of Air Mata Putri Cave, Aceh Besar Indonesia.

bonesumpal @bonesumpalApril 2018 · 2 min read

Hi there, welcome to my adventurer. Enjoy..

My adventure this time to the Karst Ecosystem Area in Mata ie, Aceh Besar. This area is one that has underground natural potency and underground water source. The splendid hills of beautiful rocks are stored a lot of beauty in the underground, which is the formation of interesting caves to roam. My explorations this time is to the Princess Tears cave, which has 2 windows with each window having different depth. In the first window has a vertical depth of 12 meters and the second window has a vertical depth of 19 meters. Means there are two paths that can be used to go down the cave.

Many nature activists are free, nature lovers who take further education and research into the ecosystem area of karst mata ie. Because there are many caves that have a variety of needs, ranging from ornaments and biota2 in the cave. In this activity you have to have special skills or knowledge about caving, that is the science that learn about the technique of vertical and horizontal cave tracing.

I climbed through a 12-meter window, because making the path down is easier. There are some ornaments that encounter in the cave Tears Princess, namely Stalagtit and Stalagmite. Stalagtit ornaments are formed from droplets of limestone limestone water located at the bottom of the cave, while the Stalagmites are above the cave wall.

Stalagmit ornament

Stalagtit Ornament

Many ornaments collapsed in the tears of the princess, possibly the collapsed ornaments were the effects of earthquake vibrations in 2004. My activity this time lasted 2 days and did sleep techniques using fleysit roof and Hammock. this technique I use to avoid wild animals such as snake stones, lice pigs and other wild animals.

This technique you use anywhere, except on the rocky mountains. Next I moved to the 19 meter window to make observations for the creation of the temporary line. This is a learning stage for me for further exploration.

Do not forget also roaming goa activities require special tools such as ascender and descenter tools. Good luck ya buddy adventurer, see you again on the next adventure.

Thank you for seeing, reading and appreciating this post. Have a good day.

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Such a challenging adventure!!! Are you doing this for research or for fun? Research is also fun though ;)


Playing while learning, that's what I keep in my every adventure. Researching is part of my adventure, according to the limits of my knowledge. Thank you for dropping in this post, success is always for you @iqbaladan :)


You deserved big thumbs up 👍


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Thank you so much @iqbaladan


Ini layak dapat bintang. Keren kali abang @bonesumpal ini ah!!!


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