The day is young, only an hour has passed from the last night's darkness and I'm watching some bright and happy, shiny summer people running towards the plastic - fantastic promised land, where you can drown all your existential angst and cosmic frustration of a powerless cog inside the powerful machine, in the shallow water at affordable prices.

Go people, go. All your illusions are ready to change the world, for better or worse, into a shallow, printable place easy to brand and advertise. Go people, go, I wish you the eternal sunshine in a perfectly frozen world.

And so they continued their endless run, while I remained in this other dimension, rich and alone like a king of the beach.

I used my telepathic powers to talk with the lazy summer stands on winter holidays. They were relaxed for a change, remembering the summer crowds and only the good things from the past season.

Some catatonic plants were hanging around them, singing the silent herbal blues.

Here I met this nice old couple.

Two empty chairs contemplating the distant horizon.

I met many plants along the way. Some of them were vivid like distant debris of the last Springtime explosion that happened many months ago. Flowers looked so beautifully out of place in this sedate winter morning.

The lamps of the summer terraces, stiff like helmeted soldiers on a quiet front, were silently observing the sea ...

... and the beautiful sea was calmly ignoring the rest of the world.

Some people were doing some maintenance around the football and tennis fields ... and soon ...

... I just disappeared inside my own fantasies.