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   This My 4 o’clocky for today...

I am in SOLDEN - AUSTRIA , for a skiing family holiday. We dont have snow so we have to travel two countries.


Sölden is a municipality at the end of the Ötztal in the Imst district of the Austrian state of Tyrol. Sölden is the largest municipality in Austria in terms of area. With more than two million overnight stays per year and 15,000 hotel beds, Sölden is the second largest tourist attraction in Austria after Vienna.
Altitude: 1.368 m

We have been here before and its a great place to ski especially with the kids .
The weather is amazing and the snow perfect.
I am very proud of the two little Guys. How proud can you be as a mum. My parents are eith us snd they are in a huge Aawwww When they See their grand kids doing so well.

The mountains are do Nice, and thd silent way the wind goes by its truly a dream.

We went to the GIGLIJOCH , a cable car and on top off the mountain All high tech chairlifts for 8 persons at the time. The outlook here is amazing!




Now were off to eat a piece of cake with hot chocolate and Watch the dutchies iceskate on television.



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