W E L C O M E O N B O A R D......

We want to the ferris wheel finally, as a Born Rotterdammer I Cannot skip this great attraction together with my 4 man.
So after the shopping in the Markthal, we went in, despite the wind, which Made me a bit nervous.


Right in the centre of my beautiful Rotterdam, next to the famous MARKTHAL, you Will find th ferris wheel SkyVieuw.
The luxurious giant ferris wheel while bring you 50 meters up in the air.


Into the sky, with the amazing view over the centre of Rotterdam. The City where I was Born and that I love.



SkyViewRotterdam has 36 closed and climate controlled gondolas with comfortabel Seats and a table inside, and thats why its accessible throughout the whole year.


You Will also have the opportunity to enjoy a drink, lunch, high tea or even a dinner during your flight.
Make sur to go inand take a ride the view is so amazing.
We saw the Laurens church, the library, the Markthal, the Hoogstreet and the beautiful high skyscrapers.

Thanx Albert loved your video.


Markthal .Rotterdam, City centre

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