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Source: my own picture taken with iPhone XS
Source: my own picture taken with iPhone XS

This is the most beautiful Olive tree 'Olivera de Cort' on the Placa de Cort in Palma de Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain. Welcome to my travelfeed blog on treetuesday. After docking on the quay of the port of Mallorca we immediately disembark. We have a fantastic day ahead of us. We will investigate the history and visit #treetuesday especially for the large olive tree olea europaea on the Placa de Cort in the center of Palma, where we will also have lunch.

Source: my own picture taken with iPhone XS
Source: my own picture taken with iPhone XS

This tree is called "Olivera de Cort". This tree has a trunk circumference, measured at a height of 1.30 m, of 7.21 m. The golden plaque on the tree tells you everything. The height is around 7 m, although of course a few centimeters are added every year. The Olea Europaea or Olive tree is an evergreen plant. This plant from Mediterranean Europe only comes into bloom in the garden (here in the city) at a low winter temperature and lots of sunshine in the spring. That is why it grows so well here. But no flowers or olives are needed to give this plant its appearance. I also saw no olives on this tree. It is an olive tree of more than 500 years old. You can see that in his trunk, which twists in all kinds of directions. It is a unique tree. I've never seen anything like it, and i had to take the pictures for the #treetuesday blog.

Source: my own picture taken with iPhone XS
Source: my own picture taken with iPhone XS

In addition to the pincho bars, the square also has a view of the town hall. The town hall with a protected façade dating from the 17th century is fantastic.

Source: my own picture taken with iPhone XS
Source: my own picture taken with iPhone XS

Source: my own picture taken with iPhone XS
Source: my own picture taken with iPhone XS

Palma de Mallorca is so beautiful, it is the largest city and also the capital of the Spanish island of Mallorca. It is also the capital of the Spanish autonomous group of Balearic islands. Just over 400,000 people live in Palma, which is about half the population of the island of Mallorca. The city was founded by the Romans who conquered the island in the second century AD. Later the Arabs came to power and gave the city the name Mayurqa. But nobody thinks I still think so. Mallorca is well known as a sun destination for professional planters who go on holiday in Europe. It was not until the thirteenth century that the city got its current name from the then King James I of Aragon. The oldest parts of the current city date from this period. And the old buildings certainly remind us of this.

These days Palma de Mallorca is a bustling city with many small streets and alleys where you can sit on the terrace and find special shops. Palma de Mallorca is sometimes called small Barcelona by some people. This comparison is not entirely out of the blue when you consider that there is a la Rambla here and that Antoni Gaudí has ​​worked on the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca. During our day holiday in Mallorca on our cruise on the MSC Seaview, Palma de Mallorca could not be missing. I have bought a super nice dress, which I immediately wore. The great happy stores and the Majorca Pearl stores with the beautiful jewelry are such gems for nice -recents or just great window shopping.

Source: my own picture taken with iPhone XS
Source: my own picture taken with iPhone XS

The cathedral of Palma de Mallorca was a must for us, we wanted to burn a candle for our loved ones. The Cathedrale La Seu is super beautiful and a very eye-catching building from the harbor. The location of the cathedral is just as special as the cathedral itself. The cathedral was built between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries on a small elevation that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. The cathedral is built in the Catalan-Gothic style typical of Mallorca. The combination of this style, the location and the beautiful stained glass ensure that this is the most impressive structure of Palma de Mallorca.

We have not been inside because it was closed, the reason was unclear to us, but the inside of the cathedral is just as special as the outside. The inside consists mainly of an immense ship with some chapels on the side. One of the most beautiful chapels stands next to the altar and dates from the eighteenth century. The restoration in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was partly done by Antoni Gaudí. Among other things, he designed the chandeliers and the crown above the pulpit. The most radical change Gaudí made here was the recolouring of the stained glass windows. La Seu Cathedral is normally open daily at an entrance fee, now that I am writing this blog it is still a shame that we have not seen it. So sorry no pictures from inside. You could take a norse ride through town, but we had to go back to the shop and swim so see you next time beautiful lady Mallorca.

Source: my own picture taken with iPhone XS
Source: my own picture taken with iPhone XS

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Hello @brittandjosie,

I really liked your report and pictures of Mallorca. The details about the architecture under the restorative hand of the famous Gaudí and the commentary on the olive tree of more than 500 years of age as a tourist attraction arouse in the reader the imagination about past times.

As always, a great work.

Palma breaths history, everywhere signs of the early days. Yes its deserves a visit for sure

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I almost went there this summer. Thanks for sharing. The shade of the big tree is...wait for it...cool :)

Palma deserves a visit the trip was so great. Its beautiful, alot of history and nice weather, i say DO IT

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Well thank you very much that is highly appreciated

Beautiful photography thanks for share travel memories.

Its was such a great visit Palma is a must see

Wow beautiful pictures. Seems you had a great time there. Whole August I was in Madrid, Spain. No doubt it's a wonderful place. Only problem I found there is I can't speak Spanish and People over there don't speak English 😂 but it was fun

Yes i know , thank God for Google translate

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@worldcapture , well i love that sooooooo much so thank you very much thats highly appreciated

Woah! Such a amazing place, and that olive tree is beautiful but a little creepy Lol, bu the way thank you for sharing your pictures and experience @brittandjosie

I didnt have the nerv bit i wanted to put googlyeyes on it for the contest but did not, and thank you for the compliment

Bhattg @bhattga month ago

Amazing post o your you are like a pro,📸 🏆