I did not wait for this spontaneous exit to the city, because I really like to spend time with my mother and sister, well, with my dad, although most of all with our mom, because we love to do such a maiden parties.

Just recently, a friend of mine wrote that there will be a kind of #familyfest where there will be a lot of interesting Ukrainian bloggers, and she said that we can not miss this chance and at 2:00 дня hour we went to our distant voyage (joking)
And very soon we came to this festival. When we arrived at our destination, we saw the largest beautiful building in mat-green tones.

By the way, it was called the institution "Youngly-greenly", well, just as it was called and just it be. In this institution there were three floors and all three filled with a crowd of people. There were many different stands with handmade goods and various natural products. So, we decided to go all over the place to search bloggers and take pictures with them. In order to go to all sorts of fairs on the very front, you need money. And I took very little money with me and in general I have a little bit difficult situation with money now, so I decided not to buy anything.

My friend bought honey and dried fruits for herself. In fact, I am attracted by people who create something with their own hands - handmade products, because it is an extremely hard work and therefore it should be valued expensive. But I did not buy anything,

I was only able to enjoyed the look of these and a few more tried on free tastings. Then we went to walk in the center of Lviv, while we were walking, we, in short, behave fooly: we went to various stores, made some weird photos, and later we were still on the road with a living, walking croissant.

Nothing surprising.
So after a couple of hours we decided to look at #Familyfest again in the "Young-green" at the fashion-exhibition. And everything went on the second circle. We once again walked through the rows, looked at all the stands with the goods

(a friend bought a scrub for her mother). And here, when we were already leaving the house, in the yard before the entrance we met two blogers. The crowd of girls shouted and ran to take pictures of them. We also decided to take pictures with them. I do not understand why, but my girlfriend shook her knees from excitement, I did not, but it was also somehow unwise. To me, if this situation is honestly nervous,

why we can not speak calmly, as with ordinary people, and through it is evident pathos and supremacy from them. Well, after we completed our program a day, our mission - we went home well. That's how we had a busy day.