Re: What happens when you feel the desire to leave, enter your car and just start driving.

Yeah, Kitesurfing! :D Where did you do it? Do you have your own Equipement? I think it's pretty expensive to rent some in Germany....

I love your driving video!

There are controls at the german-french border?! Wow...

What a great article (and I'm only half through it - but commenting, for not forgetting what I want so say)!
I also love Paris and reading your article it really isn't too far away - perhaps I'll do the same in some weeks, because I'd really like to be in Paris again ;)

I'm curious if that's really ok now for the next 5 weeks :D

Liz @lizanomadsoulNovember 2018

Hey, I went kitesurfing in the south of france. But I saw that a lot of people are doing it here at the lakes too at Walchensee for example. No, I didnt get my own equipment yet. Yes they were making the street small and looking at everybody driving through, just as at the Austrian border. They didnt stop us, but the one road thing caused some traffic jam. Let me know if you go to paris and need some recommendations on where to go ;) I lived there for some while. Well, next week im heading to paris again and then I will just be looking forward to the Thailand trip ;)