Perseids in the Sawtooth's

Casey Grimley @caseygrimley10 months ago | 2 min read

My favorite meteor photo from the Perseids as seen at Sawtooth Lake, Idaho.

(Vertical photos look so much better when viewed on @steempeak)

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And now for a story....
Scott Jarvie (@jarvie) and Brandy went out scouting for sunset locations while I was napping....No wait, that's not how it went (unless Scott was telling the story) it was I who went out scouting while Scott and Brandy were napping, and I found this really cool spot that gave us a great view to the milky way to the south and a great view to the north where the meteors were supposed to be, with a body of water on both sides.
They seemed to be pretty content with the location we were at, that was until they went to this new spot, that I found, and had a look around. After shooting some sunset photos, there was a moment where we kind of knew that we were going to be moving camp and we all agreed, This is the place.
With just a few hours until showtime and quickly fading light, we broke down camp with no attention to organization of how we threw our stuff in our packs, and then set it all back up at our new found spot.

As the stars came out two other photographers, Eric Benedetti and Andy J, joined us and we shared stories of scary animal encounters, talked nerdy camera talk, and oohed and aahed at the meteors falling from the firmament above, cheering when we'd capture one, and cursing when we didn't.

After a few hours we all seemed content with setting up cameras for time lapse and heading to bed. After getting my 3 cameras set up, I laid in my clear mesh tent and did my best to keep my eyes attentive for more meteors. I failed, and failed hard. I did, however, wake up a couple times to check on my cameras and change batteries.

Stay tuned for more photos and probably a composite of all the meteors I caught, so far I count around 90 from 2 different cameras (not counting the 3rd, which was not in focus)

Photo Details:
Sony A7
Rokinon 24mm Ζ’/1.4
Sky: 20s, Ζ’/2, ISO 3200
Foreground: 66s, f/2, ISO 3200
Blended in Photoshop

Written by:

Photographer - Utah

A very magical photography @caseygrimley!

Now I have to lend the dslr from my bad stepmom :-)

Unfortunately we live in a big city with much light pollution.
This will be very difficult 😬 to take a good picture like you.

So im glad that i found yours :-) πŸ‘


Fantastic shot!!! It’s clear you have some mad skills. I’m running a photo contest come have a look -


About 90? That's quite alot! The view is fascinating!


I had over 120 in 2016 just in one camera, with around 30 more on another camera. πŸ˜€
I'm just excited that we had some clear skies among the wildfires here in the West.


Wow! That's alot!

Jarvie @jarvie10 months ago

Oh you got up the post before me just so you could tell the story the way you wanted eh? haha

Great picture i love that you got the whole inlet and that meteor is well balanced with mars.

Ilsa Ione @ilsaione10 months ago

@caseygrimley The location of this meteor shower looks perfect for the photograph! The mountains and the sky are absolutely beautiful and the meteor that I can see is so impressive with the capture. I love seeing night shots because it is something I have never been good at. I have attempted once and failed miserably. Again, very beautiful shot and location!


This photo looks unreal it is so beautiful!!!great work.


Thank you!


You are welcome:)


Daggum dude, this is so pretty! Great spot. Resteemed!


Much appreciated!


Beautiful shot Casey; we missed it up here socked in with smoke.

anna @anna8910 months ago

Amazing shot!


Thank you Anna!

Andrew W. @aweber10 months ago

Now that is a naughty astro shot!


I'm a naughty astro photographer.