Last Spring I decided to take my 3 kids on a whirlwind adventure across southern Utah during their Spring Break.

Day 1 - Zion National Park

Spring Break201804020031.jpg
Angel's Landing on the left

After driving down to Zion late Sunday night, I set up camp around 1 AM, we woke up early around 6 AM to break down camp, eat breakfast, and get to the trail before the crowds hit (it was spring break after all). We arrived to the Main entrance around 8 AM and were on the trail by around 9 AM. We had quite a bit of traffic at the entrance but we were still pretty fortunate we got in fairly early.

Spring Break201804020008.jpg

Our main objective was to hike Angel's Landing, since we had attempted it two years prior but it was just too much for my kids, being only 6, 7, and 10 at the time. This time they conquered it with only minimal whining, and lots of breaks and climbing around on all the rocks.

Spring Break201804020030.jpg

Spring Break201804020038.jpg
If you didn't hike to Angel's Landing in a rainbow tutu, did you even hike Angel's Landing??

Spring Break201804020069.jpg

No we didn't go all the way out to the landing because it was way too crowded, also my wife would have killed me. We stopped and had a snack and played around at Scout Lookout.

Spring Break201804020096.jpg

On the hike out we saw tons of people coming up but here's a photo of just the kids as we were coming out of the canyon at the top.

Spring Break2018040201402.jpg

By the time we got back to the shuttle it was around noon, and we were all hungry so we planned on going back to the car, eating lunch, then heading back up the canyon to hike around some more. But when we got back to the car the line for the shuttle was literally all the way back to our car, and was an estimated 2 hour wait. HARD PASS. We decided to head to the east side of the park, over near Checkerboard Mesa, and run around on the rocks over there. It was far less crowded over there and we climbed around for an hour or so.

Matt gapping it.jpg

zion hiking.jpg

Peyton hiking.jpg

Afterwards, we headed on to our next location on our trip, Bryce Canyon National Park. Stay tuned for that post.