My dear Steemit friends, I have written a couple of articles to introduce the cats of Houtong, but I have not formally introduced this cat village yet, so today I will introduce this kitten paradise in Taiwan to you.
The Houtong is located in the Ruifang city. The most convenient way of transportation is by train. Coming out of the Houtong Station, you will be surrounded by green mountains and rivers. Houtong has a unique beauty, which is the declining mining village seems to be isolated in nature, with their self-sufficiency to live a leisurely life. The growing number of cats attract the attention of cat lovers, enthusiastic volunteers tutored residents to adopt and take care of cats to create a friendly living space for cats. And through the spread of the Internet and the mutual assistance of all parties, Houtong slowly opens its popularity and becomes an important tourist attraction in Ruifang area.

Today's Houtong has been selected by CNN as one of the six most cat-watching spots in the world. The village has been fully sightseeing. Not only cat lovers can't resist the strong attraction of the residents of the village. More and more tourist groups visit here. Now, even on holidays, tourists are taking pictures with cameras everywhere. Cats are also trained to be calm in the face of the constant crowd, eating and scratching and sleeping under observation, just like the Truman Show.













At the Houtong Station, many tourists are unable to resist the temptation of cute kitty goods, and the shops selling souvenirs are always full of people.



The most eye-catching part of the station is undoubtedly the "black nose" statue who is one of the four big kings. He was instantly impressed people by his lovely black nose, making the most popular cat in the cat village. So although he had left, his statue stands at the station, thinking him as the eternal conductor.

In the Houtong articles I wrote before, I introduced this fascinating king-level cat "black nose", you can see the post here.





This painting by the children of Houtong Elementary School is displayed at the Houtong Station. The cuteness of the cat's shape is not worse than the illustrators at all!


You can find the names of the cat residents in the information section. However, I still can't connect the kitties' looks and names together.

At the station, a lot of cat's nests and cat jumping platforms were put in place, but unfortunately, they all accumulated thick dust and became the decoration of the place. Obviously, the cleaning management needs to be strengthened.




Crossing the cat bridge on the railway, you can walk to the cat village on the hillside. The cat bridge was rebuilt in 2013, it was designed into a cat shape, and it created a space suitable for cats to rest, becoming the only "human cat sharing bridge" in the world. It's also rewarded the Engineering Golden Award.



From the entrance to the cat bridge, you can see the cute cat illustrations everywhere, which not only make people feel happy but also to convey more correct information to tourists.



Although some stores sell cat food and tease sticks, since these cats are regularly fed by residents and you can see feed bowls for cats in many places, tourists are advised not to feed them casually in order to avoid causing cat physical discomfort or disease transmission.


The bridge is really shared by people and cats. Look at the cat lying gracefully relaxed, doesn't mind a crowd of people around him taking the pictures. The lovely little girl, led by her father, does not disturb the cat at all, but happily looks at the new friend she makes today.


Although I still see a little sick cat occasionally, compared to the time I came before, most of the cats I see this time looks healthy and don't afraid of people. I think the tourists are also trained to be more and more qualified as cat lovers.

This tabby cat is beautiful and has a very handsome expression.




This black cat has the shining coat, bright eyes, very beautiful! The black cat is not afraid of me at all. Look at me scratching his chin, he comfortably closes his eyes and enjoys it, so cute!



Although the cat looks small, it looks clean and the coat is very smooth. It should also be very healthy.


This cat sleeps so well! Regardless of the tourists taking pictures and talking excitedly next to him, he was deeply immersed in his dream and seemed to feel relieved about the surroundings.
The feed in front of the cat was obviously from tourists. The residents of the cat village made a sign to ask everyone not to feed the cat and tease the cat with a cat teaser, but the merchants in front of the station continued to sell cat feed and cat teaser. It was clear that there are still unsolved contradictions among the residents of the cave.




Visit Houtong again this time, I obviously feel the cats are taken care of better! Many cats used to remain highly alert to humans, but this time they can sleep comfortably in front of tourists. Although the development process of the Houtong is full of controversy and may not be perfect now, we can see from the cat's truest performance that this place is getting closer and closer to the environment suitable for them to live in. I feel very comforted and proud of Taiwan's apparent progress in the concept of animal protection.

That's all I will introduce this to you today. The next article will continue to introduce you to the cat village that transforms into the full of literary atmosphere. There are more photos of beautiful cats, don't miss it!




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