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Every Lunar New Year, the Thean Hou Temple in Kuala Lumpur held many new spring events for visitors to participate and celebrate this incomparable festival. We also took the opportunity to join the event and pray for good luck for the coming year.



The red lanterns hang over the roofs of the Thean Hou Temple which’s adding a strong Lunar New Year atmosphere.


This Lunar New Year’s weather is very good, Thean Hou Temple is very crowded.


In the Year of the Pig, the theme of Eight Precepts Coming. From the first day to 5th day of Lunar New Year, there are various New Year activities for public to participate


Due to Lunar New Year events, the temple management also built a new outdoor landscape with planted many shrubs and groundcovers to enhance the beauty of the temple garden.


On the other side of the temple, a rotating lotus light feature was added to allow the public to light up and pray. The lotus lights are placed neatly on the light feature, shinning and dazzling. I also offered a lotus light in front of Buddha, under blessing of Buddha and Bodhisattva, pray for peace of the world, country, and prosperity of family and happiness of everyone.


We met a painter, who sat in the corner of the temple to do painting.


There was a lion dance performance at 11am in the morning, the temple was getting crowded.

早上11点正有舞狮表演,寺里出现很多人,挤得水泄不通, 香火旺盛。

The lion dances walked in the temple to cult in front of Guanyin, Buddha, and the Bodhisattvas.


The lions are very friendly and close to the public, let people touch and interact with them.


I feel a little helpless, this lion dance is squeezed to dance fast.

From the first day to 15th day of Lunar New Year, the Thean Hou Temple in Kuala Lumpur held many new spring events and activities. To friends who living in Kuala Lumpur can pay a visit to enjoy and experience the Lunar New Year, at the same time pray for good luck. Wishing you all the best in New Year.




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