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Hello everybody,
How are you getting on? Hope you are safe and healthy, away from Covid-19 virus.
Many countries and cities are locked down due to Covid-19 pandemic. Singapore also one of the country have ‘Circuit Breaker’ safety measure from month April to June. Most of office work from home, and only essential work companies to carry on but many restrictions to be followed up by the particular companies.

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The people who work from home only allowed to go out when buying food, groceries and daily stuffs from supermarkets and foodcourts. Besides that, we also can go to nearest park to exercise, jogging, walking but with some restriction to be followed up in the parks.

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I like to walk to nearest park from my house which’s called Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park. It is one of popular park with many landscape awarded in Singapore.

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All the water drainage is linked and built underground well by subsoil pipe system and more nature, ecological and environment concern. The water goes through filtration before goes to the canal. We seldom see open surface drains in this park. Therefore, it is quite unique and different from other park design.
所有的排水系统都是通过地下土壤管道系统一直连接到河流, 使用自然,生态和环境保护的概念。所有的水会过滤了才流入河水里,所以也是景观界的荣耀工程之一。我们很少在这个公园看到地面水沟。因此,它非常独特,和其他公园的设计不同。

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Sky turning blue and air quality become good when human activities stop during ‘Circuit Breaker’.

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Dog Running Zone is closed from activities.

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The park users need to have social distancing or keep at least 1m away from others and wear mask when no jogging in parks.

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Restaurant in park is closed from operation. We are only allowed to take away, no dining in the restaurant. This safety measure has caused many restaurants lose at least half of their business. Not only catering industry, all industries are in hard time during country locked down.

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The stepping stones on the water canal is one of the focal points of the park for the park users to step over to opposite side of canal. The water is clear and clean too during city locked down.

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During evening time, I like to walk to this park to enjoy the beauty of nature with fresh air and beautiful sunset views.

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Walking along the water canal, there is a beautiful bridge connected both side of water canal to other HDB flats and Condominium residential area.

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Butterfly Habitat Garden is one attraction in the park. There are many type of flowers especially nectar and pollen-rich plants are planted in this garden to attract butterflies. Some are native and non-native species.

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After a long walk, I reached back the way to go back my house. I was seeing fascinating clouds appearing in sky. I praying for the pandemic will be subsided soon and economy recovering and everyone safe and healthy.