Hello dear Steemians,

Hari Raya is coming soon, our Muslim friends are fasting 1 month before Hari Raya follow their religious and faith. Last weekend I walked thru the Pontian Seaview Crown Plaza and Malay Raya Bazaar. Today let me share with you some nice views I had captured.



Pontian Seaview Crown Plaza is just next to Pontian seaside.


Last weekend the seawater low tide, the tide drained away from the sea shore. But I can see some boats from far of seashore.


There are a wide plaza with water fountain platform next to Crown plaza. I saw many of Malay packed their dinner for ‘Buka Puasa’ over there. They enjoy food with their family or friends in group.


They all in group, with family or friends, packed dinner, came here to break the fasting while enjoyed the sunset seaview.


So fun to see many Malay sat on this water fountain platform for ‘Buka Puasa’.


Seaside sunset view at Pontian Crown Plaza. This is a popular spot for photography, especially wedding and graduation photoshot. Most of visitors enjoy the seaside sunset view at Pontian Crown Plaza.


Continued my walk thru the formal garden. There were some Malay chose to ‘Buka Puasa’ over the grass lawn with laying the mats.


My end walk at ‘Pasar Malam’, the Malay Raya Bazaar. There were variety of cookies and candies selling in the bazaar.


The carpet was printed with nature scenery design. A new trend carpet design in Malay Raya Bazaar. That day I had spotted a small carpet for my kitchen too.




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