Hello Steemians,
Happy New Year, I hope you guys are doing great.

Today, I am gonna create a post about a mountain pass which is the connecting link between Kullu Valley and Shimla Valley and is situated at an altitude of 3,120 meters (10,800 ft) above the sea level. This high mountain pass is around 600 Kilometers from the New Delhi(the capital city of India).



This pass can be accessed from both Shimla as well as Kullu. Like if you are coming from Kullu side you will cross Banjar -- Ghiyagi -- Shoja -- Jalori Pass and if you are coming from Shimla you will cross Narkanda -- Luhri -- Aani -- Jalori Pass. The best time to visit the pass is from March to November and while from December to February the pass is covered with the thick blanket of snow.




A trek to Serolsar Lake starts from Jalori Pass. You can check my previous post on Serolsar Lake. There's a temple at Jalori Pass and views from this pass are exceptionally beautiful. The zig zag track going down the hill is a true feast for our eyes. I can never get over this place because of the sites. I really want to visit this place again but this time in winters, when these beautiful peaks will be covered with white snow.




Soon, I will be back with another post.

Till then Keep Steeming.

Thank You


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