After crossing the desert, we arrived at one of our last hotels, the Le Meridien N'Fis in Marrakesh, Morocco. The hotel is a member of the Starwood line, which is now Marriott. The hotel is among the nicest that we stayed at in Morocco and had, by far, the best wifi in the hotel rooms. The hotel was conveniently located about one mile from the medina and across the street from a large mall.


The hotel opened into a large lobby area, with plenty of seating and a grand piano (which I don't recall anyone ever playing during our visit). Our keys were waiting for us when we arrived. However, I went up to the front desk to provide my Marriott Rewards number in hopes of gaining room stay credit and some points. The clerk took my rewards number down, but I never received the credits. That is likely because our rooms were booked by a travel agency. The clerk was cordial, in any event. The spacious lobby also had a gift shop where guests can find a small variety of gifts as well as stamps. It costs about two dollars US currency to send a postcard home. That seems to be the going rate just about everywhere we have traveled.


The hotel is spread out on a large property that has a central garden and pool between the lobby and guest rooms. The gardens were interesting and lush, providing visitors with a sampling of the flora indigenous to the area. The area was immaculately manicured with meticulously trimmed bushes, ornate flowers, small pools and a fountain. There always seemed to be a bit of a breeze walking between the guest rooms and the lobby, so there must have been enough of an opening for the wind to blow across the cool vegetation. It was a short, but relaxing walk from the lobby to the guest rooms.



The room had air conditioning that worked. That was already a plus. The tile flooring also seemed to help keep the room a bit cooler. The weather was beginning to turn hot during our visit and several of the hotels had not yet switched over to air conditioning. So the cool air was welcome. While we had wifi in the room, it was not an exceptional connection. It was non-existent in our other hotel rooms in Morocco, so it was also a nice benefit of this hotel. The room was clean and attractively decorated. The bed was also comfortable, a bit softer than the other beds we slept in. The room was clean, functional and well maintained. It also had a small balcony with an exceptional view of the gardens below and distant medina.


This hotel also had one of the best breakfast buffets of any hotel we stayed at in Morocco. The hotel consistently put out a nice selection of fresh fruit, breads, soups, meats and more. There was a juice bar with a couple of juice selections each morning. It appeared to be freshly squeezed. The coffee came from Nescafe machines typical to all the hotels we visited. The service in the restaurant was also efficient. It was a great way to get our mornings started each day.


Le Meridien N'Fis is located at Avenue Mohammed VI, Marrakech, 40000, Morocco. The prices online currently have this hotel priced in the 110 to 120 US Dollar range. That seems to be a reasonable price for what you get. While not a five star hotel, it is an upscale property with plenty of amenities. The rooms were large and clean, the staff was friendly and accommodating, the food was good and the wifi and air conditioning were icing on the cake. Overall, an excellent value.

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