Antelope Island---Great Salt Lake

Colonel Jethro @coloneljethroNovember 2018 · 3 min read · #monomad

While driving down to Moab from Oregon last year I stopped for the night and camped on Antelope Island, an island in the Great Salt Lake in Utah. Arriving on the island, the first thing you notice is the smell. There's a salty smell to the air that reminds you of the ocean except with an odd tang somewhat reminiscent of decaying matter. It's not a particularly appealing aroma but luckily you quickly stop noticing it.

It was already dark when I made it to the island and as I searched for a suitable place to camp I was alternately assaulted by strong winds and swarms of mosquitoes. This may have been a factor in me deciding to forgo pitching a tent and sleep on the ground instead. Thanks to that brilliant decision I discovered that my sleeping bag doesn't handle 60 mph winds nearly as well as it does below freezing temperatures. It also earned me a complimentary wake up courtesy of the Bison Alarm Clock Service. Although quite effective, I do not recommend being awakened by a couple thousand pounds of wild animal a few feet away from your place a of rest (particularly ones known to attack humans).

The day was cool, cloudy and gray, not very well suited for taking photos but I explored a bit anyway. My campsite was just a few hundred yards from the shore of the lake so I walked down there first. As I approached I noticed the wind blowing white softball sized balls across the sand towards me. Upon closer inspection I discovered that they were made of foam/fluff much like soap suds and when I got to the edge of the water I found the several feet wide band of foam that was supplying the wind with projectiles. I've never seen anything quite like that at any of the other bodies of water I've visited, do any of y'all have clue what causes that?

With the obligatory pilgrimage to the water completed I headed to the highest point nearby, Buffalo Point. It took some hiking and a bit of elevation gain to get to the top but once there I had an unobstructed view in all directions. Well, I would have if the weather had cooperated, the clouds were not cooperating at all. The photos below are from Buffalo Point, they're about the only halfway decent ones I got from there. One of these days I'll make it back in some decent weather and get some that do the place justice.


And in black and white (I gotta enter the #monomad by @monochromes), which version do you prefer?


One last bit of random information: The Great Salt Lake has no outlet and its water level can vary considerably. If you look near the water you can see different colored area that was formerly underwater.


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