Earlier this year we were lucky enough to spend a weekend in Rome - it was a real bucket list place for me with sights such as the Coloseum, Roman Forum and the Vatican City. Although a 3 day weekend was enough to cram in all of the sites I could have easily stayed another day or two!

The Colosseum and the Roman Forum were two great sites to fit into a day.

The Colosseum from a distance!

The first thing I would recommend is to buy the skip the line tickets - we got tickets for the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. These tickets are worth every cent, and allow you to "skip the line" and go straight in. The lines are massive, and I imaging people wait hours to get in - it just isnt worth it if your only in Rome for a short period of time.

Additionally, timing is key - getting there when it opens is best - there were not where near as many tourists. By the time we left it was getting busier and busier.

View from the upper level of the Colosseum

The first thing I noticed about the Colosseum from a distance, and from the inside is just how big it is! It is suspected that around 50,000 spectators would fit in the Colosseum - amazing! It is also very well maintained for a structure that is nearly 2000 years old!


Walking around the whole of the Colosseum gives many different angles and perspectives as to how it might have been to be a spectator in this ancient amphitheatre. There are many stories of what went on here, such as gladiator fights to the death, executions and animal hunts (mainly lions). The majority of this was either political or for entertainment purposes - brutal!

Checking out the lower levels of the Colosseum

There are many different levels to visit and explore giving a more in depth understanding of the Colosseum. Exploring the lower level was great as we could get closer to some of the "stages" where things like gladiator fighting took place.

We spent about 2 hours exploring the Colosseum, but could have easily spent more considering there is loads of information about the history of the Colosseum.

Exploring the Roman Forum

The second half of the day we dedicated to exploring the "Roman Forum", which is located a short walk from the Colosseum - the Colosseum provides an incredible backdrop!

The Roman Forum is the former plaza and epicentre of Rome, and is now a tourist destination with the remains and ruins of many important buildings. It is not something I knew alot about coming into the visit, as it was tagged on with our tickets to the Colosseum (which is what I was interested in!).


As would be expected in a place like this it is rich with history, and tells a bit of a story as to what went on here. It is a place that is easy to wander around for hours just imagining how different life must have been many centuries ago. It is easy to imagine this as the meeting place for Romans, with buildings such as town halls and temples.

Checking out the ruins

Getting down to ground level it is interesting checking out the ruins.

Sadly we didnt get a great photo from a higher position, as this would have really put things into perspective and shown how massive and impressive the Roman Forum really is!

Overall between the Colosseum and the Roman Forum it is an excellent place to explore for the day and a real dive into the history of Rome.

My next post will be exploring the magical Vatican City!

All photos taken by me :)