While travelling, one thing I loved to do is check out the UNESCO world heritage website and see what sites are in a country. Upon scrolling through the website for Finland I came across Sammallahdenmäki, which is described as a bronze age burial site and right up my alley!

Massive Cairn!

Sammallahdenmäki is located a short drive from Rauma, so would be worthy of a day trip if you are in the area and looking for something unique to visit. Lucky when we visited it was nearer the end of the day and it was very quite - we only saw one other group of people!

Once you are at the parking it is a short walk until you can go exploring the area - there are a reported total of 36 stone circles and burial sites, often referred to as "cairns".

A closer look at one of the cairns

The paths are fairly well marked, but there is a few different directions to go in based on what you find - a great place for explorers! This site is estimated to be over 3000 years old! With some imagination (and abit of reading...) it is easy to think how life might have been in this time - a very simple life! Living off the land, and probably not alot of people around. The cairns are often thought of as sacred burial places where people were buried and sacrifices may have taken place.

Interesting rock formations

Some people might just see these as a few piles of rocks, but it is so much more than that and represents a huge part of history and tells a story. Some of the cairns are massive, and must have taken loads of time to complete. What is fascinating is that these cairns are all over Europe often 1000s of kms away, and they all look quite similar - the idea behind them all is the same and they are used for similar purposes.

Rugged and creepy looking forest area in Sammallahdenmäki

The surrounding bush area is quite rugged and creepy and adds to the whole feel of the area. As you can see the land is not smooth and is still rocky and uneven. As I mentioned, and you can see above the paths here are well marked. I am unsure if we saw all of the cairns because they arent signposted clearly. I feel some of them may have been rather small and we could have missed them. However there are a few larger ones that are hard to miss!

If you are interested in historical sights and learning more about how people lived then Sammallahdenmäki is the place for you.

All photos taken by me :)