Hi dear Hivean friends,

I was a bit more offline past few days as you could see. I even skipped daily post past two days, which didn’t happen for few months now. As many of you here on Hive lately I am also considering taking more time for my “real life” and less time dedicated to Hive for some time. I am also thinking of changing my posting routine, so not to post everyday, but post just once or twice a week but with more quality stuff. Well we will see what future brings…

I will also try to curate as before, mainly with my @TipU account where I sit first on the efficiency rank ladder at the time of my writing. I am very proud on that achievement and that is also one of the reasons why to continue reading and supporting other authors here on Hive. Ecosystem is established great and I will remain part of it.

Well the main reason I was not as active as before in the past few days is that I went to a nice place again. And that time it was a totally new place for me as well. I haven’t visited Styrian region many times, but now I saw that I might did injustice to that region as I had really great time there and saw a lot of beautiful things.

View from my balcony

I have been there with my family and stayed on Tourist Farm Štern Pri Kovačniku for 3 nights. Amazing place, definitely recommended. The place itself is worth the travel and the problem is that you don’t want to leave the property to go and see places as it is so nice there as well. I don’t have many photos, but tourist farm offers from small football field, own herbal garden, orchard, farmland, children playground and many animals which all became my friends. They have dog Luna (English translation – moon), about 30 cows, 10 rabbits, quails, two rams, pony, hen, rooster and I am sure I forget some of them as there are so many. They have everything the farm needs to have.

Place is family owned and they are also working by themselves, with help of couple of additional persons. They are really hard working as from what I could see they were working from sunrise to sunset all the time. Especially young boy Aljaž is really great guy as he is doing an extremely big part at his young age of about 18 years.

Another big reason why I like my stay that much was the food. Ohhh amazing, almost everything from their garden, prepared like our grandmothers, real home cuisine, hard to improve… Today when I returned home I will miss that well prepared dinner.

As already said we have visited some nice natural sites. By now you know I really like water, so every time I go somewhere I try to find some waterfall, river, lake…

This time was no different as we visited two waterfalls. Both are not “famous” here in Slovenia, so good thing about that is that it was my first visit of both.

First waterfall is named Framski slap or Skalca. It is located about 20 minutes drive from the tourist farm we stayed at. There is nice easy trail for additional 20 minutes I would say. Waterfall is not very watery, but it is located in the middle of the forest with nice stream running so it is a must stop if you are around.

Second waterfall is named Veliki Šumik and story about that one is slightly different. It is not that easy trail to the waterfall. Probably I wouldn’t go there if I would know what kind of trail it is. It was not a problem for me, but I was there with my family, so my wife was a bit scared that something will go wrong with carrying 1 year toddler in the backpack while climbing on wet rocks and holding steel cable. She was probably right, even thou I felt safe and capable for the hike. We find ourselves somewhere on the middle. We went to the point where we could see the waterfall and skipped the final descent to go to the best viewpoint underneath the waterfall.

Otherwise the forest in which this waterfall is located is primeval forest, which offers extra joy to us as nature lovers.

Overall it is a nice hike and it is not that hard, just might not be the most convenient with young kids.

That is it for this day. We did another trip the next day but I will share it on some other occasion to keep you waiting a bit :)

Thank you all for reading, hope you enjoyed my next Tour de Slovenia post. Photos are not the best quality as all taken with my smartphone and with toddler around me. I have to admit I didn’t think that much on the future post this time and I enjoyed just being there with my family and not worrying so much about best camera position etc.

Enjoy your Tuesday and stay safe!