Chasing the Sun Through the Curves of New Zealand — That Internal Drive // 2

crimsonclad @crimsoncladJuly 2018 · 3 min read


I've lost track of the kilometres I've crossed in the countries I've explored.

       When I travel, no matter where I am, I always rent some form of vehicle. I had such grand plans: three weeks from the tip top of the North Island of New Zealand, to the absolute bottom edge of the South Island, and back again. Somewhere along the way around and across and through and along and among, I realized there was simply no way I could do it. Not properly. Not enough. I got caught in the long, smooth, rollercoaster of the mountain range heading towards the ferry, with every intention I had flung out the windows and lost in the mists of overlapped hills that stretched forever. The entire stretch was a ride designed by man and made exhilarating by nature, and neither alone could have matched the impact of this gestalt without the work of the other. Slowed to a crawl in the most incredibly dangerous spot imaginable and squealing at each far-too-close brush, this picture highlights an irreplaceable moment in time... the kaleidoscope colours of the sun, leaded and defined by the spreading silhouettes of branches.



A lot of the time, I see incredible vistas that can only be properly mentally framed by traversing right through the midst of them, hugging curves that cleave your tongue to the back of your throat to wrap firmly around your heart.

       It's hard to wrap my mind around these views at the time, so I always cherish open road photos, but something strange ends up happening after I get home. These images often sit neglected once I've stopped moving again. They're not here nor there, no focus or feature. They don't slot into crucial segments of my journals or have attached tall tales, other than the incredible feel of freedom rushing into a rolled down window and through my wild woman hair.


Here is one unforgettable forgotten stretch, racing the sun through the swells and dips of the Rimutaka range.

      As I find them, I'd like to collect up routes and share them with you. No road signs or signs of life... just rolling open roads and open skies and open hearts.


But oh, That Internal Drive.

      A series to be added to as I find each of the bits and pieces I've forgotten to relive.



These photos and words are my own work, inspired by travels all over this pretty blue marble of ours. I hope you like them. 🌶️



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I. Love. This! So much of my freedom in life has been found on the open road, my heart fully alive as I take in vistas that fill me with awe. These are amazing photos, as always. But the one of the single tree in silhouette took my breath away. So glad you're sharing these here! :)


thank you, love~ I will be the first to admit that slowing to 5kph on that corner was not a very safe thing to do, but calculated risk is a recurring theme in my travels. Sometimes I forget how striking sunlit pavement can be. I really appreciate this opportunity to rediscover that.


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Never Seen Such a Shot with such a Viberant Colors! New Zealand is such a beautiful place 😍


Very beautiful photos. In the whole world there are not so many words that would describe all their beauty. Good luck to you and Love.

Очень красивые фото. Во всем мире нет столько слов, что бы описать всю их красоту. Удачи Вам и Любви.


New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, its like heaven on earth.


Thems some pretty crisp looking photos, When ya gonna travel to Australia crim?


I need more travel time in a year. I'm hoping that it comes much, much sooner than later.

revo @revoJuly 2018

NIce shots. And yeah, NZ is an enigmatic place. And it definitely takes longer to get anywhere than you would imagine by only looking at the map. :)


Wow, I still am not able to imagine the feeling of being in that place. I don't know how would I feel iif I ever get to be there.

Perhaps something to do with the cities that I am living in where idiots are planning and trying their best to destroy any beautiful natural things.

I wish I get to be there once in this lifetime and experience the beauty first hand . Also hoping that the trees are still there.



I bet there are still stretches of nature outside of where you are that have their own beauty just waiting to be discovered.... India is actually pretty high on my list! I get the feeling the trees in NZ will be there much longer yet.


Great depth and mood on those photographs.
To me, that road indicates the fringes/borders of civilisation and the wilds of nature! What lives out there?
Could, or would you live there?


it's a stretch of forest in rolling waves, in between two towns on either side of the island, really. I would LOVE to live out there. Lush foliage, natural predators, and not even really any bugs? The camping trip from heaven!!


Wow, your roadside photos look a thousand times better than me, which half the time are blurry and end getting deleted since they are taken from a bus window!