It was back in August when me and my friends in Hyderabad decided to go and explore Kheerganga valley on a vacation.

The Airport

We took a flight from Hyderabad to delhi at 9 PM, from the Rajeev Gandhi international airport. It was nearly midnight when we landed in Delhi (Indira Gandhi international airport), the flight was for two hours distance Hyderabad to Delhi, at the airport we already arranged a friend's car with a driver , that car was one of our friend's car who was traveling with us. We put our bags in the hood of the car and hop inside and left the airport on our was to Himachal Pradesh.

On the way

For the entire night drive we slept in the car itself except the driver (obviously), and when we woke up from our sleep we were long way from delhi and the driver informed us that we are in Himachal Pradesh border now.

It was nearly dawn in the Himachal Pradesh and the place was looking so beautiful and fresh, we decided to turn the car air-conditioners off, lower down our window and let to fresh air come in.

The road was empty as it was too early for anyone to be on the road at that point of time.

The Kheerganga Valley

When we entered the Kheerganga Valley, I was mesmerized by the beauty of that place, we took a small halt for the breakfast at a local restaurant and had some food there with morning tea, I stepped out of the restaurant holding a hot cup of tea in my one hand and felt the fresh air, which was chilly even at this time of the year (August) and enjoying the view of the valley.

After a tummy full breakfast we proceed towards the Kheerganga Valley Trek point and when we reached there, we parked our car by the riverside like everyone else and let me tell you that was a paid parking so you don't have to worry about your car getting stolen or something like that. Then we pulled our trekking gear out with a small size bag pack with almost all the necessary items in it and started our Trek.

The Trek

The Kheerganga Valley Trek is not like any other trek, it is a 10KM long trek

which takes one full day to cover it and reach the Kheerganga top where the camps were setup and it is not advisable to trek in the night there because bear and tigers were seen in that area. While completing our 10KM trek we were nearly exhausted, we just wanted to rest for the night in our camps once we reach and the weather conditions there were worse in the night, it was freaking cold (-5°C). It was nearly dusk when we reached the top and we were relieved finally, we saw colorfully appearing camps there and quickly searched for our camps among them and we put our bags in there and hurried quickly for the hot spring bath.

Hot Spring Pool

They had a pool setup there on the top with natural hot water flowing into it and that my friends was the best thing of the trip, once I was in the pool, I couldn't think of anything else, just to stay there for a while and relax. All my tiredness got away in seconds and my body was not aching at that point of time. Then we put our heavy clothes back on and hurried back to the camps and asked the owner to arrange a bonfire for the night.

Thankyou for reading my post.