OliWe continue our tour in the time machine, today at the Bolivarian Museum.

The Bolivarian Museum is responsible for safeguarding part of the belongings of the Liberator Simon Bolivar and his family, this is located next to the Liberator's Birthplace in the Historical Center of Caracas.

In the Museum you can also find objects of the time that range from everyday items such as clothing and utensils to war guns.

It is in the main room of the museum where it belonged to the Liberator Simon Bolivar, you can admire from his clothes to silverware.

In this museum is the first sarcophagus of the Liberator Simon Bolivar where he was transferred after his death from Santa Marta, Colombia to Caracas, this is exivido only once a year, in commemoration of his death on 18 December, when this room is spoken.

Each of the rooms has computer graphics that briefly tell the story of the Liberator, as well as topics of the reality lived in colonial times, as the theme of slavery because it is in the third room.

Among the corridors of the museum you will find very pictorial works made by artisans representing the Liberator Simon Bolivar.

There are several places that belonged to the Liberator Simón Bolívar and the Central Bank of Venezuela that I will visit to show you more of them along with the stories of Venezuela's currency.

Both the Liberator's Birthplace and the Bolivarian Museum are completely free of charge.

With you in the time machine showing you the places you can enjoy in my chaotic but beloved Caracas I hope you will enjoy this tour.

Thank you for reading.