Hello, Steemians.

Chocolate and coffee are an important part of Venezuelan history and my life, as I cannot live without them. Both have been cultivated in these lands for many years, cocoa since before the colony because it is of Latin American origin and our ancestors already used it as a drink and part of their food, coffee comes along with the exploration of the colony slaves to stay.

Venezuela remained for a long time from the cultivation of coffee and cocoa plantations.

The best coffee and chocolate in the world are in Venezuela. When you take a tour of the historical center, you can't miss the opportunity to try them.

In the axis of the Historical Centre of the Libertador's Birthplace you can find Páramo Café and Noble Chocolates , two places you must visit, they are of those places that I call mandatory stops.

Páramo Café

It is a franchise of 100% Venezuelan coffee, Paramo Café is located in several cities in the country, with its first store abroad located in Alberta, Canada.

In the historical center of Caracas you can taste in Páramo Café the rich flavor of Venezuelan coffee in different presentations that go from the classic ones to the most elaborated or cold coffee.

You can also find desserts, salads and some sandwiches, this time I had a Frapuccino Café Frío with a traditional sweet called golfeado.

Páramo Café is also located in the two terminals of the Simón Bolívar Airport, which are the main airports in the country and other tourist places in the Caracas Waraira Repano cable car and the Merida Mukubaji cable car which is the highest and longest cable car in the world.

After recharging our energies with this delight we go to the Nobles chocolate shops.


A Venezuelan chocolate shop there you will find delicious chocolates made by chocolate houses from different regions of the country, even commercial chocolates but all Venezuelan.

This chocolate shop shows you a little bit of the history of coffee and its elaboration process.

Here you can find chocolates with different percentages of purity that can be up to 100% of cocoa. In this passion I brought a delicious Paria coffee of 50% cocoa.

If you want to take some souvenir or gift of your visit, I recommend you to take Venezuelan coffee or chocolate, there you will take part of our essence of the pure Venezuelan flavor.

Here I leave you two mandatory stops, in particular I am a lover of good coffee and rich chocolate, there are many brands to select and to know.

Thank you for reading