Price of 20 SBD/80USD: 7 World's Continents photo challenge WEEKLY WINNER announcement #22!

Hello fellow Steemians,

I am very excited to announce the 22nd weekly winner of my 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge that you have voted for over the past couple of weeks. The winner was based on your votes on daily winners announcements from each and every World Continent for that respective week.

Please give a huge shout out to the winning submission of the 22nd week from @ansharphoto and his entry below:

Deadvlei, Namibia. This place is striking in its lifeless beauty. It’s difficult to imagine that it was ever underwater; now the earth of Deadvlei is cracked and bleached a stark white by the sun. There is little to suggest that life ever flourished there. Even its name — Deadvlei, which means “dead marsh” or “dead valley”— conveys an o ominous sense of the absence of life.


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His amazing picture received total upvotes from you in the amount of $63.51! Apart from my upvotes on one of his posts, I am sending 20 SBD to @ansharphoto as the price for winning the weekly round.

From here, his stunning picture from Namibia automatically enters the second round where it will compete against the previous and upcoming weekly winners from the month of February for the price of 40 SBD. You can help @ansharphoto to be the winner of the monthly round by upvoting this post in order not to only win 40 SBD but to also enter into the yearly challenge to compete against other winners of the upcoming monthly challenges to receive another 100 SBD for winning the whole competition.

See the previous weekly winners from the Month of February below:

Price of 20 SBD/100 USD: 7 World's Continents photo challenge WEEKLY WINNER announcement #20!

@itchyfeetdonica and her week 20 winning entry:

After a few hours' hike from the village El Chaltén in Argentina, I reached this turquoise glacier lake in front of Mount Fitz Roy. It is an unforgettable experience trekking in this region with magnificent peaks and stunning waterways.


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Price of 20 SBD/100 USD: 7 World's Continents photo challenge WEEKLY WINNER announcement #21!

@stabilowl and his week 21 winning entry below:

It was early evening and I was walking along the coastline at the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney with my camera and tripod looking for something to shoot. I was almost at the end the the trail, close to Mrs Macquarie's Chair, when I was treated with this beautiful skyline of the City of Sydney, with all the colours reflecting on the water. I spend quite a bit of time there, perfecting my shots. And here is the best one.


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For more information about the 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge and conditions see my original post: 200 SBD 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge - 2018 guidelines: 22/1 update

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