Chanatsite Lakes and Haramiyata Peak in Rila Mountain

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Big Chanak Lake or Contemplation Lake and me, contemplating ☺️

Chanatsite Lakes

The longest river, that flows entirely on Bulgarian territory, is Iskar river. There are several huge dams, built to store its waters, and it satisfies the needs of water of millions of people. And this big river starts from here, from a little spring, just above these two small lakes in Rila mountain- Big Chanak and Small Chanak Lakes. And because water is life, one can literally see life on the next photos in one of its initial forms :). I've passed so many times by this river at different places around Bulgaria, where it looks like a really bog river, so to see it like this, just one tiny little spring, was strange. I had no idea that these two lakes even exist , and I am really happy that I found out about them, this is the next super amazing new place in the mountains for me. Just one ridge separates them from the circus of the Seven Rila Lakes, and above them is Haramiyata peak(2465m), which offers really cool view of four of the seven lakes. My wish was to go to one other higher peak which has a view of all the lakes, but it was a rainy day so it will happen some other time, I hope.


Every year thousands followers of a spiritual leader - Peter Deunov (Beinsa Duno), gather at that area, welcome the sunset and perform a system of exercises - paneurhythmy, created by this teacher 100 years ago. It happens in august , they come to celebrate the New Year of the Sun around the lakes. I think that initially the place for these meetings was near Big Chanak Lakes, but now as the people that come are just too many, they gather and dance near the fifth of the Seven Rila lakes. I’ve never been there to see that celebration, and probably I should check it this year. They gather in concentrated circles, all dressed in white clothes and perform the exercises, listening to music, written by the teacher. As I’ve already shared in other posts - Rila is claimed to be one of places with the strongest energy field on the planet. It is sacred!


Source of the photo above and more about the paneurhythmy -


Small Chanak lake or The Lake of Purity


Small Chanak lake or The Lake of Purity


Small Chanak lake or The Lake of Purity, and Haramiyata peak above it


Big Chanak lake or Contemplation Lake


Big Chanak lake or Contemplation Lake

I am really surprised that there is such a cool little pathway, almost like a secret one, so close to the lakes, but without crossing at all the big pathways with many people. I met no one there, and it was during the weekend. It was like this part of Rila was preserved for the people from the White Brotherhood(the followers of Beinsa Duno). The first part of it has the cool name “soul extortion”, it is really steep and goes directly to a hut, near one of the Rila Lakes, and then, before the Chanak Lakes it goes by a low forest from creeping pines, where they had made many clean spots around the hills to put their tents there. It’s like a whole tent neighbourhood, prepared for the holiday in August(that time it was completely empty). The places for the tents are not random, of course, but the best possible for watching the sunrise.




.. before continuing to the peak and The Chanak lakes.


Haramiyata Peak and the most aromatic thyme. The scent is breathtaking, that high-mountain thyme is different than the usual one! As a friend of mine used to say - the smell is so strong and so great, that when you’re making tea from it, the neighbors will come and knock on your door!


Me on Haramiyata peak


The second of The Seven Rila Lakes seen from the pathway to the Chanak Lakes without crossing the way of the hundreds of tourists that visit the place daily.

All of the next photos are taken from the ridge, leading to Haramiyata peak. It was raining and you can see the mist on the photos.

The second, third, forth and fifth Lake from The Seven Rila Lakes, can be seen from Haramiyata Peak







One more contemplator above The Big Chanak Lake


Small Chanak Lake. This photo, along with the next two, is from one of the improvised places for tents on the hills. Pretty awesome place to wake up, I guess. The narrow spring is Iskar River


The second of the seven lakes in the mist.


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