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If you've been following my blog for a while, maybe you remember about the valley of Malyovitsa. I have posted about it probably a dozen times. It is one of the most amazing places around Rila mountain, it is my favorite actually and I've been there countless times. Several truly magnificent hikes start from this valley and the most popular is to Malyovitsa peak, it is the highest peak in the area - 2729m. And shame on me - I've been to the peak only twice, once in the winter, once in a too foggy early spring day and none of them was through the usual trail to it. I'm saying "shame on me" because every hike in the mountain is super different depending on the season and the day, that's why a gorgeous one like that to Malyovitsa peak deserves many more visits. So it was in my plans to correct this mistake as soon as possible, and I did, three is better than two :).

I usually avoid it, because many people go there unlike the other hikes around the valley. Still, it is not like the other two famous trails in Rila, that I've mentioned many times - to Musala and to The Seven Rila Lakes. It is never so crowded there, because it is a challenging hike, and the "mountain energy" definitely can be felt. And the mountain energy of this place, is just indescribable, it is somehow a magical place!

I went to the peak during the week and I met many many people and strangely most of them were foreigners. I guess they were part of one or two really big trekking groups. I chatted with one Bulgarian woman, she was coming from another place in Rila and she was surprised too and shared that in the hut where they spent the night, they were the only Bulgarians and most of the people were from Germany and Israel. As you know, I hike barefoot, which is not at all often to see around the mountains, I am not sure that I've seen someone else actually barefoot around Rila, I guess that's why it often provokes questions, comments or just strange looks, that make me laugh (the children are always the funniest), that's why I was talking to her in the first place.

The hike to Malyovitsa peak starts from 1700m, and it took me around 3 hours to get there. I'll skip the first half of it in my photos, because I've posted many photos from there, so let's start right from around 2200m.



The valley, the peak, and especially its north face is a symbol of the Bulgarian mountaineering. That's why on the so called "Second terrace" on the way to the peak there is a big stone with many boards in memory of perished Bulgarian mountaineers.





After that place the pathway becomes really steep and challenging. The good thing about the steepness is that litterally after every several steps, something else can be seen.





In the middle between the "second terrace" and the peak, at 2479m the pathway goes by Elenino lake. Great place to take a quick break before the next steep part.




Oh, look! One of my sisters! :D
You can often see many mountain goats around there.




And finally on the top! I missed some views because of the fog, that was coming and going every 10 minutes, but luckily the bigger part of the mountain was clear.









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