Hello my dear Steemians,

as promised I'll be working on some more detailed posts about my recent trips.
In the past 7 years, I have traveled quite a bit and collected countless memories that I captured in photographs waiting to be shared... Somewhere. I did notice, that more quality content interests a larger audience rather than posting one shot with a few lines. On Steemit at least. Thus, I decided to take it a little more serious and started writing. Let's wrap it up starting from the latest adventure. For as long as I am not going on another trip, I am gonna work my way back through some of my favorite stories: To be honest, It will be more photos and not so much text... Not a big writer after all^^

Siena and some impressions of Tuscany 2018:

A small town in the heart in Tuscany, a region famous for its wine and food. Iconic landscapes, cypress tress and so on and so forth. It is a pleasure to drive through all these windy roads, chased by impatient Fiats that are trying to get passed. Siena itself is rather small and quite, except for loads of tourists who are being dropped off every morning.
I suggest visiting off season to fully enjoy the oldtown area.


This sqare is famous for its anual horse race the "palio" in which all Houses compete against each other. A Netflix Documentary explains it pretty good, in case you wanna know more about it. In July and August this square turns into a huge horse racing track on which the historic and brutal race takes place.


On our way to Monte Pulciano.


The streets of Siena.



Siena can be seen in probably one day or two. But if you wanna take your time, see some of the sights from the inside, you may wanna stay for a few days. And get yourself some sort of transport to see what's around it. The food will make you stay forever ;)


Some view over town.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Next posts will be... something from: Italy, the alps, Germany, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, England... And so on. I'll find something.