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Today I'd like you to check out this incredible place. It is located in the most narrow part of Vietnam (approx. right in the middle.) It doesn't look to special from the outside but 1000s of kilometers of mind blowing cave-systems lay beneath this national park. One of the caves measures about 36km in length, whereas others are considered to be the largest caves in the world. As far as I know the one that is most famous is calles "Son Dong", the mother of all caves. Mountain River Cave, in Case you wanna google pictures of it. However it ain't easy to get into this particular one. One has to apply to a company called oxalis and pay something between 3000-4000$ to make it on this expedition through the jungle. I only had the budget for smaller but nonetheless pretty much super similarish pretty beautiful examples of pure greatness. Let me show you a few examples:

Paradise cave (only 8$ to get in^^)




Or this one: E-Cave (We had to swim into the cave... great experience!!!)



And this one: Dark Cave (Back Entrance about 2h jungle hike to reach it )



Pictures can hardly capture the size and impressiveness of those places...

One day, I am going to save up the 3Gs and apply for the big one. From what I heard it is a 5 Day Adventure that includes, hiking, swimming, river crossings, abseiling, diving, camping, and so on and so forth. Go check out oxalis website! I chose much cheaper trips around 50/60$ executed by a company called jungle boss. Great team!

Let me know what you think.