Western Australia Road Trip

dave @davedavis91June 2018 · 1 min read


Look what I found. That takes me back years! One of the most fun trips during my two years in Australia. As always I looked for some travelmates to tag along for the ride. A planned on going up the Australian West Coast in I think it was 3-4 Weeks. Anywho I found a few people and met the rest on the road. At some part we had a five car convoy and a group of about 15 people. We went from national park to national park and enjoyed the life on road. This photo was taken in Exmouth, at the shores of the Ningaloo Reef. One of the most beautiful underwater worlds I've ever seen. And just a 5 minute swim away from the beach. This multi culti group of randomly arranged people from all over the world is what makes backpacking as wonderful as it it. Well, in my case I was Van-packing. this at least what we called it back then. Lovely memories ;) Now it 250 words^^

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Damn....1 word's missing^^ Sorry. I thought I had it


It's still a bit less actually since the bot word count is off on Steepshot posts. If you look at the posts that we resteem and feature in our curation posts you will see that we are looking for a different quality than a short Steepshot post - the 250 words are merely an indicator for quality which saves us the time to look through lower-quality posts. Your photos are great and we would love to see them in a more extensive travel post!


Got it. I am not much of a writer^^... I will see to it


Great stuff! Thank you!