DTube - Paddleboarding During California's Golden Hour - I might have fallen off

Dave On Arrival @daveonarrivalMay 2018 · 3 min read

While I was in southern California visiting my friend, Todd, I wanted to meet up with another friend of mine, Karina, to do an adventure. I found a deal on Groupon for a discount on paddleboard rentals so I asked my friends if they would want to do that. Surprisingly, none of them had ever done it but were willing to give it a go.

I love to go with my friends to do something they've never tried. Getting people out of their comfort zones is something I enjoy doing, plus encouraging them and helping them along the way if they need it. It's how people grow. It's how people conquer their fears*. Adventures are my favorite way to do that. So let's go paddleboarding!

When we met up for lunch, I found out that Karina brought a couple of her friends along. I was surprised to see that it was Eric and Allison from the Youtube channel The Endless Adventure. Some of you who follow travel vloggers on Youtube may have heard of them. So our group consisted entirely of travel Youtubers. Karina also has a channel called Karina's World. Todd also has his channel called Todd Hata. Thanks to him for the great drone footage.


Newport Harbor. Photo from Todd's drone

So our little group of travel Youtubers headed to the city of Newport Beach on the south side of Los Angeles. Newport Harbor is where we rented our paddleboards. Again, none except for me had ever gone paddleboarding so we all took it easy at first to get the feel for it.

It was easier than most of them expected so they were all standing up and moving about in no time. The wind and outgoing tide were both factors in where we went. We tried to paddle against the wind but it was much easier with the wind at our back. If we stood still we got pushed downwind and had to paddle back to where we were.


We spent about an hour and a half on the boards and the sunset was approaching. They all turned their boards in with no incidents the whole time. But me? I wanted a little more action. For the video, of course. Far be it from me to make a boring video, haha.


Anyway, so I felt that I had to spice up the evening a bit so I imitated a fall off my paddleboard and into the drink. Now, the Pacific waters in California are never known to be warm. This day was not an exception. The water was frigid. But somehow refreshing at the same time.

I walked into the office where the others were and they were all like, "You fell in?" and "Was it cold?" and all that.

Thanks for taking the time to watch and read. Follow me for more travel adventures.

Have you ever gone paddleboarding? Let me know where in the comments.

Music: Set Me Free by N3wport

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Much appreciated.


@daveonarrival deserves it!


I love paddleboarding. Great workout. I don't have my own board though. Gonna get one sooner or later.


Yeah, it's great for those that live next to calm water. That's not my case, though.

poss @possMay 2018

You were clearly outnumbered by YouTube vloggers!
Stay strong! :D


I need to meet more Dtube vloggers, haha


Very fun @daveonarrival I have not paddle boarded but I did recently start surfing which has been very challenging mentally and physically and has helped my push my fears of the open water. The areas I am learning has one one of the highest density levels of bull sharks in the world. Definitely on m mind when I am out there haha.

I hope you spread the word of steemit to the other travel/adventure vloggers you met! Cheers and keep up the good work.


Surfing is quite challenging, I know. I'm spreading the word, don't worry.


Sounds like you had a great day! I've always wanted to try it, since I've heard from many that it's just amazing and that it's actually pretty easy. It must be great to be on the water for a while and then stay for the sunset! Next time when I get the chance to do it, I'll definitely go for it :)


Go for it. You'll probably love it.


Hey, good post. We do a lot paddleboarding here in Norway, you should come during the summer and check it out ;) That way you can make another travel post as well. Your pictures display the easiness and calm feeling you get when paddle boarding.

Visit my blog to enter a travel contest, that is if you have any tips in or around Rhodes island, Greece.


I'd love to go to Norway. It's definitely on the list.
I wish I had tips about ANYWHERE in Greece but that's on the list for me too. Maybe this summer.


Looks like a fun experience! When I was trying paddleboarding in Puerto Rico, the locals told me it’s not an adventure as it’s too safe, haha 😆


HAHA. I know what they mean. I'm kind of the same way when it comes to adventures. I'm like, if it's not death-defying is it really an adventure? But it was a new experience for my friends and new experiences are always an adventure.


Very well done vlog man.


Thank you, Chris. I'll let you know when I go to LA next.


I freaking LOVE paddleboarding! Unless the water smells like fish poop. But even then. So glad you guys got to do this!! Sounds extra dope during Cali's golden hour!


Where do you like to paddleboard?


I used to do it in the ocean in South Carolina...but also in Lake Oswego in Oregon. I think I like paddleboarding in lakes the best!


Nice Dave! Looks like a great time. Haha, yeah, your "accident" is why I prefer sitting down in a kayak...


Those can be tipped over too, haha.


Alright you... Keep your distance and stay away from my kayak...
Actually, I own a big tandem kayak. It's slow but very stable, perfect for hauling camera gear out on. Hmmm, vlog idea!