Happy New Year from Phuket Island in sunny, hot, and sometimes rainy Thailand!

@martibis and @lizanomadsoul planned out to be in Phuket for the holiday and extended the invitation to the Steemians that wanted to join and since I was already in Thailand, I made the journey south from Bangkok to meet up with them and their friend, Fie, in the famous tourist town of Patong.

Of course, we made it out to the beach for some relaxation and Vitamin Sea. It was a bit crowded as this is the most popular time of year to be in Phuket. The interesting thing about this beach is that there are several adventures you can do like jetski, and banana boats. But the crazy one was parasailing where people were hooked up the the tether on the beach and dragged off the sand by the boat with a pilot behind the passenger that jumped into the parachute lines without a harness so he could steer the chute for the landing so as to try not to hit anyone on the beach. Those guys have some cajones.


Being the Thai islands, it rained a couple times including during when we were trying to enjoy the beach. But we didn't let that stop us from going into the ocean and enjoying the water with the fresh rain pouring down on us.


Since it is a tourist trap town, I wasn't expecting great food so close to the action but right across the street from T and Liz's hostel was a restaurant serving Thai and Indian cuisine that we tried out. The chicken masala with garlic naan was absolutely delicious! We ordered other items as well, but the masala really shone in that meal and satisfied our beast-sized hunger before the beach party that night.


The party! There was a big DJ stage set up on the main entrance of the beach with drink and foods stands surrounding the area which I think should have been spread out a little more because by the time Midnight came, there was no more room to move, even though plenty of people tried.

Funny story about the countdown. When they started counting down for the new year, we all looked at our watches and phones and the time actually said 23:56. A full 4 minutes early. Why? You had one job! Haha, we chocked it up to being "island time" but that is usually the reverse of being early. Oh well.


It was really cool to see the sky light up with fireworks and Chinese sky lanterns, or "Lucky Balloons" as the people selling them called them. Liz and Fie got their own lucky balloon and we watched that one cruise high over the water until it fizzled out from lack of fuel and plunged into the water. Not sure how lucky that is but it was better than others that were catching on fire and plunging into the ocean as a beautiful fireball. That can't be lucky.

The battery ran out in my camera after that so I couldn't show the drinking and dancing we did along the famous Bangla Rd where most of the clubs and bars in town are. But you can use your imagination. Just imagine a white dude dancing and that's accurate enough to how I looked pon the flo.

Would you like to celebrate the new year in Phuket?

Music used:

This Life by Olwik

Adventures by William Ekh feat. Alexa Lusader

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