In the spirit of the spooky season, I wanted to finally get this video put out to the internet world. I actually filmed this video over 2 years ago and it has taken me this long to get to it because I always had other videos I wanted to put out more than this one. But with Halloween just a few days away, I think it's the perfect time to make this video undead. See what I did there? ;)

It also serves as a fun throwback. If you've been watching my travel videos you can see how much better I am with the camera in my latest videos than with this one filmed 2 years ago. Yay for improvement!

Here's the story

During the summer of 2016 I decided to spend a month in South Korea. As I was researching the country, I was looking for some adventurous things to do. Pretty standard for me. SK is not really a haven for adventure seekers but it sure has its stuff for those that look hard enough. I found this Zombie Run would be going on in Busan, SK's 2nd largest city, during my time in the country so I said, "Hey, why not. Looks like fun." I've done horror houses and obstacle runs before so this would be like combining the 2 of them while also making it interactive.

I actually ended up staying most of my time in Korea in the city of Busan because I volunteered in a language exchange program near Pusan National University for Koreans wanting to improve their English skills. I fell in love with Busan and it became one of my favorite cities in the world.


Busan from the mountains

Back to the Zombie Run... So I got to the stadium where the event was taking place and soon realized I might be the only non-Korean person doing this thing, even though there were thousands of people there. It was so fun seeing people in their zombie make-up. So many selfies were taken, it was almost ridiculous.

There was a sexy zombie dance team working the poles and doing K-Pop routines.



When my turn to run the the zombie gauntlet came up I was kinda nervous. I had 3 flags on my belt that I was supposed to keep from being taken by the zombies. So I knew they wanted to get me.

After entering the stadium it was kind of a mad house with people running everywhere and into each other. Wide spots with lots of room to run. Narrow spots with no room to run. At a couple of points, we had to act out scenarios. One we had to do was partner up and hold hands with somebody and only move when super creepy music started playing. Kind of like musical chairs of your worst nightmare. Another time, we had to act like zombies to get past the "real" zombies. It's a good thing a couple Koreans knew that I didn't understand the rules that were being said so they explained to me as best they could in English what I was supposed to do. Koreans are really friendly.



This was a really fun experience overall. Sometimes it's fun to get scared. I wish I would have filmed more while I was in South Korea.

I really hope I can go back to Busan sometime really soon. @ramengirl is from there, maybe she has done this, or maybe this will convince her to do it next year? Haha. We'll talk about it at Steemfest in a couple weeks.

Is a zombie run something you would do? Do you enjoy getting scared once in a while?

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