First of all, I would like to thank one of the most important lady of my life, my ex-girlfriend @francesaw a.k.a LazyMom. She got me covered for almost anything and everything for this Bangkok trip. This time around, no agenda. Just go with the flow since ex-girlfriend will be leaving walk around whilst she's attending her conference at the convention center. So, here with go, back in Tuesday morning, I had a morning walk before boarding the plane to the land of massage parlor. The morning walk was rather interesting as there are a lot of monkeys around, and luckily non of those gangsters dare to rob my phone. Those who haven't read about the story, here you go. See the picture on the window view? I would like to apologize if the scene were blocked by a layer of dirt which I think MAS has absolutely no time to shower the plane. I'm sitting right at the last row of the Boeing 737, one of these recently went down with the LionAir and it scares the crap out of my pee hole every minute in the plane. Take a look at my face if you don't believe me.


So, how was the flight so far? According to what my dad told me, MAS was one of the greatest airline that served the best flying food in his history. To me? I've been on less than 10 times MAS flight, they never surprise me by making sure my disappointment towards their food continue to get worse. I had a sweet and sour fish, the fish smells actually quite fresh, but may be too fresh. It taste like mud. Ex-girlfriend took a BBQ Chicken rice. She offered me a piece of the chicken, they're actually not bad! Sadly, the rice are overcooked and dried. Or they probably put in the heater over a long time and the moisture in the rice being evaporated. However, the inflight entertainment are as retro as it gets. I remember I watch 50 first date 10 years ago in a MAS flight, and they still have it. And the LCD screen has been polished with wet cloth that deterred away the reflection suppression chemical makes a huge reflection of my Steemit logo on my shirt, made the movie very interesting to view on.


Again, attempt to snap a window shot since we're seating right behind the last row of the plane. Other than get a clearer window view(which the airliner didn't bother to clean the window for me, I'm sorry phone camera don't lie), this is also another part of the plane that has better surviving rate. Remember Japan Airlines Flight 123? Surprisingly much of the survivor seating at the back row of the plane. Anyway, back to my journey, despite flew for more than 2 hours, by the time we landed, the clock only 1 hour went off. Which makes Bangkok and Malaysia has a difference time zone despite the same region. I've got a big relief after step out of the plane.


Yes! Traffic is cleared! I'm very delighted to have been traveling with no traffic. Take a look at the outside, oh do note that my baldy head is also in the rear view mirror! But it doesn't last long, after some distance and we finally caught up with the rush hour. That's about 5pm in the evening, and everybody is rushing home for their dinner. Whilst, we're trying to rush to the hotel for check in. As for the hotel review, I think I'll save it for some other time. The first day of arrival, I'm literally too tired and forgotten to take some nice photo of the room.

As we finished checked in, took a shower and immediately go out with a few friends together to find our dinner. Apparently, this place is not much different than Kuala Lumpur. The traffic situation is quite similar to Jalan Masjid. Despite the distance between the hotel and the restaurant is only 5km apart, but it took us like 40 minutes to get there. We arrived at SOMBOON SEAFOOD RESTAURANT. Well, few of ex-girlfriend's friend would really like to have the local Thai fusion Chinese food and it is highly recommended. So we're here at this Chinese restaurant.

Crab meat fried rice, the taste is not what you cane smell from this picture. Don't know WTF am I talking about? I bet you don't, you'll have to come to this place and experience this! Those Thai fragrant rice is not what we can usually get from the supermarket. Especially when they're cooked by the local Chinese who doesn't speak Chinese anymore!
螃蟹肉炒饭。味道一绝。完全不是照片上“闻”到的好吃泰国米的松软度绝对不是一般的好吃,尤其是已经不会讲中文的泰国华裔煮出来。据说这家店是潮州人流传下来的。@aellly 西瓜下次一定要带家人来试试了。

Oyster ommelette fry egg. This is a rather normal dish in my home country. Oyster were fried together with egg and the egg yolk will really make the oyster easy to go down. With this dish alone, I think I can easily caw down a bowl of rice.

This was said to be the sweet sour fry fish. This, is totally out of my expectation. The normal sweet sour I had in my country are totally off. As far as I know, our friend ordered expansive fish. To me, in tourist spot I wouldn't call for anything expansive to avoid being scam for expansive price tag. Anyway, I'm not really into the fish itself, but the fried vegetable that covers the fish is really outstanding and crunchy! I can imagine if these vege being introduced to kids as snacks, I don't think there will be any other kid who refused to eat the greens!

Fried vegetable. Let's forget it. I'm just taking down this to remember what I've eaten. As every kid knows, I'm a grown up kid.

Clear tom yam soup squid. By looking at the clear soup, you don't think it's safe. Super spicy! Ex-girlfriend who usually don't eat squid, surprisingly whack almost half a dish of this squid.

And the famous fried glass noodle, usually came with crabs but this one came with prawn Sorry the phone camera is at it's limit, I couldn't make it more attractive than how it smells. Those giant prawns are all hiding underneath the noodle.

Last but not least, is the infamous curry fried crab! I do not know what they put into the curry, but the sauce is marvelously addictive. I had to literally lick the plate to finish it off!

Finally, we went to Hooker and it is my first experience going to Hooker. I heard those are some nice "view" that is easy on the boy's eyes. Well, this is Asia, don't over expect and try to enjoy the beer. That marks the first day of my Bangkok trip. Other than the dinner which spent us about 3800 for 6 person, I think it's still worth it considering we're having seafood dinner and some of them are really expansive to eat in my home country.

I would like to thank all my friends and family who has been supporting me. Feel free to leave me feedback by clicking below yellow banner.




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