First half of 2nd day in Bangkok

It all began with this. Due to ex-girlfriend needed to attend her BNI conference in Bangkok, and I got this opportunity to hangout with her and her cool friends from the same business network. I really appreciate this precious opportunity to spend time with them.

Quick rewind to earlier, we got up 6:30am and rush through the bathroom chaos after a very rough and tiring first day, just to be sure we have enough time to grab out breakfast before we leave the hotel by 7:30am to the convention. I don't know about others, but my hotel breakfast are usually light, because I wish to experience more of local cuisine. A bowl of plain yogurt mixed with fresh cut fruits, and a portion of omelet.

Or not so light, after figured the omelet is not filling enough. Also noticed spending power in Bangkok is generally higher than what I can afford. Might as well stuff in more of these stuff, so I can survive until ex-girlfriend finishes her conference.

Nah... might as well do it again. I finally got my breakfast slightly more filling, so I can have everything I needed to burn for the day! Yay!

The conference took place at Centara Bangkok Convention Center. Somewhat similar to our very own version of KLCC in Malaysia. The building are combined hotels, shopping gallery and the convention hall itself. I did not study much about it, cause this is more like a casual trip with no agenda and ultra limited budget. Sadly I couldn't walk far enough to take a whole picture of the entire building, so here are the split screens. Marvelous.



Across the convention center about 200meters away, there's a stretch of street food. Since I intended to walk a little bit more before I turn back, so I did not crash into it yet.

I came across this, I have no idea whether this is a small river or drainage system, but it sure looks clean compare to what I have normally seeing. I thought I'd like to share this with you all.

As I reached the end of the road, I arrived at SIAM PARAGON. According to Google, this is yet another 1 of billions of shopping gallery in Bangkok. I looked at the time, damn it's only 8:15am. Nope, I'm not going to sit at the doorway and wait for it to open. Immediately decided to turn back and check out the hawker stretch. 再走一下到了差不多尽头时,来到了SIAM PARAGON购物中心。根据谷歌,这只不过是曼谷里头成千上万的其中一间商场。我看了一下时间,还很早哪,不过八点十五分。总不能坐在大门口等别人开门吧?所以,还是决定走回去会议中心的方向去了。



I managed to squeeze through the stalls, without a scratch. Technically, I'm referring to my wallet because I did not bring enough Thai baht with me. Besides, the "light" breakfast I had really helps.

I pass through Centara again as I'm returning to the other side of the city, through the busy alley, came these monks suddenly speak Thai with me. Many "krab" they utter out but I can absolutely understand nothing from them. May be my hairstyle somewhat resemble with them and they thought where have this lost monk came and not wearing their uniform? I have no idea but to reply with a smile, speak in English said I'm from Malaysia, and the sign of peace and they're off. 再一次经过中央会议中心时遇上了这两个和尚,忽然间跟我说了一大堆泰国话我都听不明白。只好用英语回应一下说我是马来西亚人,来旅游的。然后我才想到,会不会是因为我的发型和他们的一样,所以他们意外哪里来的迷路小和尚,为什么没有穿道服。


Only if you remember several years ago when a terrorist attacked and causes many death and injury at this worship place. From here I stand, I can literally feel heat and hearing people screaming in pain, shed tears and blood for this painful history. Not specifically on the religion, but I almost bust tears looking at this place and imagining the sad scene at that time.



Traffic system in the main city is marvelous. It looked somewhat horrible, but that's how it is. They know where exactly the opposite car will squeeze in and they know exactly when is their turn to wave through busy traffic without crashing into another vehicle. And those motorcycle engined tuktuk are all badass, more like road gangsters. I really like the way they live their life at the edge of getting run over by a lorry.

I remember we have a G tower in Kuala Lumpur, which is also near the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. Are they all the main cities in every country shares the same setup? I took this shot because I saw the KOI, pearl tea is there and I decided to snap a photo and show it to @cherryzz since she was talking about the same brand in ShenZhen she had.

我也记得吉隆坡KLCC附近有意见G Tower跟这个几乎一模一样。是不是没有个发展中的国家大城市里的架构都是一样的?我拍下这张照骗主要原因是看到楼上有一家KOI珍珠奶茶,当时@cherryzz 有提起,所以特地拍张照骗分享一下。




And finally the mall is open for business. Immediately I crashed into Big C Supercenter.
总算守得云开,商场开门营业了我就冲进 Big C里面去。

It does not look as big as it is from the outside. This mall is marvelously huge from the inside. How they did that?! I do not have enough photo for each floor, but this is the food court, it somewhat reminds me of Pavilion KL.
真是好奇怪吖,明明从外面看到建筑物很小,可是进来了以后却又感觉里面比外面还要大很多。到底是用了什么法术来弄的?我并没有每一层楼都拍照,不过这个食物中心倒是觉得和 Pavillion KL 很像。

As I was a little tired, I decided to stop at the McCafe for a cup of Latte to regenerate, also started to think how should I survive with limited amount of cash. Sitting there and started checking my SBD and Steem see how much they worth and need to budget my spending for the next few days. I remember someone did warn me not to use Hatyai spending to budget for Bangkok.
走到累了就去老麦坐下来,买了一杯拉铁来喝。趁这个机会坐下来点算这几天应该怎样花费,好像都还是不够。所以已经在打我的 SBD Steem 主意,看能不能当场买一些泰铢保平安。还记得不知道是谁有劝告千万不能用合艾的消费来喝曼谷比较。

And suddenly I realized, this whole floor are McDonald's . There's a merchandise outlet that sells McD Polo Tee, umbrella, Ronald McDonald outfit and many more. Highlight of this picture is the girl with a maroon cardigan sitting at the guest lounge.

No idea why they do something like a waiting lounge here

Now it all explained. There 2 level of whole McDonald's related shops, everywhere. From classroom, workshop, kids zone, gallery, and a highly secretive stretch of suspect kitchen workshop there for the McAcademy. No wonder their Latte tasted one of the best I had in my life!

I already love McDonald's, not all outlets. Generally I am loving it. And now, they "inspire people to change for the better", I love them more! McD you rock!

As I walked out of Big C, time for me to decide whether to go back look for ex-girlfriend or continue my window shopping spree. Here onwards, things happen a little rush. I did took a walk to Pratunam Fashion Mall, but I got lost IN the shopping mall. Seriously, that is the first time in my life. I never get lost in a shopping mall, even if I'm drunk as [insert your preferred vulgar word here], I'll be able to find my car and drive it out safely. Moreover, I've been too busy using my WhatsApp to send photo of good dresses back to ex-girlfriend, may be later take her there. By the time she page me she could leave the conference, then I started to panic and eagerly find my way back. So, the entire Pratunam Fashion spree weren't recorded. Who knows, may be next time I will come back for Pratunam again and make 1 post just to introduce good dresses and good shops to you girls.
当我从 Big C 走出来后,到底应该回去找就旧情人好还是继续向前去逛街。从这里开始,我的节奏就乱了一下。原因是我决定了冲过去Pratunam超级服装城,然后就在商场里面迷路了。这次可说是我一生人中第一次在商场里面迷路的。一般来说我在商场里面的直觉比我认路还要清晰,就算我喝醉酒喝得烂醉还是有办法走去停车场找回自己的车再安全开到门口。再说,来到服装城的我太高兴了,一边看连体裙一边拍照给旧情人看她喜欢哪一款,所以基本上都忘记拍其他照骗了。忽然间就清热打来讯息说她开完会要走了。那时我才来着急又找不到出口。后来太紧张,怕旧情人等太久,所以连跑带跳的一直奔回会议中心,一点都没有记录到服装城。下次吧,如果我有机会回来曼谷而它还在,到时一定专门开一篇/系列文章详细的为大家介绍服装城

This was taken on the way back to the convention center, on the pedestrian bridge.

Is the grass greener on the other side? Yes and no. I find it a lot hotter in Thailand compare to my home country. But the funny part is, I think it's less humid compare to Malaysia and take a look, people don't mind to do their prayers under the sun.

I would like to thank all my friends and family who has been supporting me. Feel free to leave me feedback by clicking below yellow banner. > 谢谢大家一直以来的支持和对我疼爱有加。如果方便,请你点击下图到我的个人资料网页为我留言请我吃星星哈。



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