Second half of 2nd day in Bangkok

This is what my first impression when I had a chance to step food in this massage land several years back, during a business trip in Hatyai. I believe the same electric cable setup across the whole country. It totally reminds me of the 80s back in my hometown Ipoh are having the very same setup.

Here is the quick throwback of the church we visited. I made a snap video together with ex-girlfriend at the church. I'm kinda dive into fiddling with my phone and trying to get the video compile and totally forgotten to do data collection for the church. I think I will leave that part to LazyMom @francesaw to do it later when she finds the time to update her blog. If you're interested to see the video, you can try to click on the picture and it shall redirect you to the #dtube landing page, if not try these links
话说当时很兴奋,在教堂前面就拍视频了。还带着就情人一起拍了这一个双语视频和大家分享。当时我还忙着搞手机,想办法把视频弄好了要上传,都完全忘记了做资料收集。哪一方面的资料就只好等改天懒洋洋有空去更新她的博客时我们再来参考爸。如果想看这个视频可以直接点击上面的图,应该回自动带过去dTube 的页面。不过如果不行,请自行点击一下链接去看看吧。

▶️ DTube


So we took the BTS, Thai version of Metro from the nearby NaNa station and made a transit to get to Taksin station(Only if I know @michaelcabiles stays around here, could have call for a meetup before I head back to Sukhumvit). After that, we can use the bus to get to the church we wish to visit, but decided to take a walk since Google Map told us it's about few km away only. 我们乘搭泰国的高铁,从酒店的娜娜站出发转了车来到达鑫站。如果当时知道 @michaelcabiles 他住这里附近就好了,可以约出来喝杯茶打屁。我们来到这里的地铁站本来还需要转搭公交,可是查了一下其实走路也不会很远。想到要省钱,不如直接走好了,连车费都升起来了。

Surrounding the church area are missionary schools. According to the map, all these schools are supposed to link with the church, but somehow we can't crash into the school compound and make our way to the church. So it led us to one after another school before we finally make our way to the church.

According to limited understanding from Thai writing, this church was established in the 1800s and I had to resort to Wiki to find out the not so Thai information here.

Interior of the church are super marvelous. Think never in my life seen anything quite like this, old school, authentic roman catholic church. Apologize on the shaky cam but this is as far as I can capture. I wish I have a better camera to show you how cool those stain glass is.

Outside of the church has this monument standing there, supposed this is John Paul II ?

This I believe is St. Peter(I think).

We were sitting down eagerly waiting for the church to start their mass, according to the announcement board, they supposed to have a mass by 4pm. came this rough sounding monster appeared before my eyes, WOW! So proud to see a Malaysian made MPV made its way here to Bangkok. If I get a chance to ask the owner one question, it will be "Is your Campro engine leaking?".

As we waited long enough, decided to check out what's going on and why the church is not having a mass? The lights went off, and they're shutting down all the doors. From what I see here, looks like mass has been cancelled as they have done a wedding ceremony earlier that day? Take a look at the decorations.

This looks like some pre-war buildings and according to the boards, this will soon be renovated as hotel. Can't wait to see that happen, who knows next time I will come and stay here! Currently, the second floor has been converted to an art museum. We did head up for a short visit, but I am too lazy to snap photo. I have a video recording the surrounding of that area, but I couldn't find it now.

Here, LazyMom @francesaw on the link bridge. Take note that there's some hawker stall by the side road. Later we went there and took some quick bite as we're a little hungry.

And we proceed to China Town with some friends together so we can split the food bill and able to eat more variety of food. Seriously, traffic in Bangkok is as horrible as Kuala Lumpur. By the map, it's only 5km away from where we stay, but it took the car who sent us there 45 minutes to get there.

Once again, we had this spicy prawn instead of crab. The taste, is different. Chinese here in Thailand are no longer authentic Chinese. They have their own Thai names and they speak Thai. I thought since we're in China town, I could use my Chinese communication skill to deal with them, but it's a no deal cause they hardly understand me.

Here, LazyMom @francesaw is finally grinning happily with her mango sticky rice shared with her few friends despite we just had some serious dinner. The girls went for further shopping for meat floss roll and other souvenir and I was busy checking out nice cars passing by. This marked the second day of my Bangkok trip.

I would like to thank all my friends and family who has been supporting me. Feel free to leave me feedback by clicking below yellow banner. > 谢谢大家一直以来的支持和对我疼爱有加。如果方便,请你点击下图到我的个人资料网页为我留言请我吃星星哈。



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